WVJC Charleston Instructor Highlight – Dental Coordinator Rebecca Hale

WVJC Charleston | Dental Assisting | Instructor Highlight

CHARLESTON, WV – Rebecca Hale serves as the Program Coordinator and Lead Instructor for the WVJC Charleston Dental Assisting Program. Rebecca joined the staff earlier this year and has truly enjoyed her experience so far. “My favorite part of being an instructor is the joy that I get knowing that I am molding these wonderful students into future dental healthcare professionals. There is simply no better feeling!”

Rebecca has many duties as an instructor, but her main goal is to see that all of her students succeed. “I [make sure they succeed] by teaching them dental practice theory, and then we set that theory into motion by practicing our new skills and technique in the dental lab. By being hands-on we afford ourselves the opportunity to see how all of our rigorous studying and patiently sitting though theory lectures has paid off.”

Rebecca has extended the importance of dental hygiene school-wide. She and her students recently hosted a series of lectures detailing the importance of caring for your teeth and what can happen if you neglect this practice. She also discussed prevention measures and handed out free toothbrushes to all who attended.

Outside of school, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family and attending church. She is a member of Open Door Apostolic Church’s music ministry. She can sing while she cleans your teeth!

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