WVJC-Bridgeport Student Highlight: Andrew Ross

Student Highlight: Andrew Ross

Program/ Campus: Pharmacy Technician/WVJC-Bridgeport

1.     Why WVJC?
I decided to go to this college because of the accelerated program. Before I started school at WVJC I just graduated high school at Buckhannon Upshur High. The challenges that I’ve had have been overwhelming. I was homeless while going to college at one point.

2.     What’s next for you?
After I graduate with the degree I hopefully will be able to one day start a family and have my own little American dream.

3.     Is there anyone you wish to thank?
During my struggle there many people there to help me. Yashica Nelms, Rebekah Teter, and Ashley Hauk. They took me in when I was homeless. I can say that the whole WVJC staff have been a family to me. I thank you all for everything!


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