WVJC- Bridgeport Graduate Student Highlight: Brandi Skinner

Graduate Student Highlight: Brandi Skinner

Program/ Campus: Medical Assisting / WVJC Bridgeport

1. When did you graduate?
Graduated Feb 2013

2. Current Job Title and company if applicable:
RMA/MOA at Williams Family Practice

3. Brief description of your current job:
Blood draws, vaccines, vitals and front desk duties

4. What were you doing before you came to WVJC?
I was unemployed and just got out if high school

5. What made you decide to enroll at WVJC?
The staff and I refused to be a burger flipper, cashier or a junkie job. I wanted something for myself; I wanted to feel good about myself. I wanted people to look at say “wow, look at what she did with her life” “that’s something wonderful”.

6. What was your favorite part of being a student at WVJC?
My favorite thing was learning how to perform blood draws.

7. While you were enrolled, were you involved in any clubs or extra activities?

Medical club, I was the liaison from 2012-2013.

8. From enrollment all the way through Career Management – can you give your thoughts on the staff and faculty at WVJC? Did any individuals specifically help you?
I loved the staff. They always went out of their way to help in some way, even if they had to go out of their way. Rhonda Leeson was a particular individual who helped me along the way.

9. Do you feel that WVJC equipped you with the tools to succeed in the business field?
YES! They were very equipped and helped every day in my education!

10. How has WVJC changed your life?
I started with nothing. WVJC helped me define myself as a person. They helped improve my future.

11. Has your new job opened new doors for you? If so, how?
It has pushed me even further in continuing my education. It has helped me push myself to do better for myself and my future family.

12. Would you recommend WVJC to others? Why?
Yes, the one-on-one training and support I received from the staff has helped me gain respect for them and medical field employees.

13. What kind of advice would you give to current students?
My advice would be: always push yourself. Even if you think you can’t, you really can. Putting yourself in that position will make you want to achieve and want to improve in any way possible. Pay attention to your professors and what they teach you. Each and every word or advice is important. Soak it all up!

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