WVJC Bridgeport Graduate Highlight: William Smith, Medical Assisting

William Smith PhotoWilliam T. Smith is a Medical Assisting Graduate from West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus.

One week after he completed his Medical Assisting program, he was hired at Biolife Plasma Services where he was hired as a screener which is responsible for taking patient vitals, iron and protein levels. After a few months, he was trained on performing VP and in October 2012, he was asked to be a technician to troubleshoot the Autopheresis machine. He traveled to Chicago for that training. In February 2013, he became the Center Supervisor and still holds that position today!

William chose to come to WVJC because of the atmosphere. “My Admission Representative, Darin, gave me a tour and I felt like I would get more one-on-one attention and hands-on training. The smaller classes were a good thing for me, as a nontraditional student.”

William remembers, “When I took the tour, I was undecided about which program to choose – Medical Assisting or Information Technology. As soon as the tour was over, I chose Medical Assisting because I liked the Lab. It felt like I was at an actual functioning medical facility.”

His favorite part of attending WVJC Bridgeport was getting to know the teaching staff and fellow students. He said, “I have a lot of respect for the staff and the knowledge they provided me is how I have been successful. As far as my fellow classmates, I met a lot of great people and I will always remember them and the fun we all had together.”

If William had advice to give other students, it would be to always keep a positive attitude and be proud of what you are doing!

William also stated, “I would say my biggest supporter other than my parents would be 3 people at the college at the time I was there would be MRS. Lehosit, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Cunningham. Mrs. Lehosit and Mrs. Williams I have the upmost respect for the both of them. I learned so much in their classes. Mrs. Cunningham she is one of the most positive people that I know she really is encouraging to the students in helping them get a job afterwards. I would like to mention Ms Gilbert she was the nicest person I think I have ever met in my life. I will never forget the ones that helped me out while I attended WVJC.”


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