WVJC Bridgeport Graduate Highlight – Pharmacy Technician Sarah Hribar

Sarah Hribar completed the Pharmacy Tech Associate Degree Program in February at the West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus and is currently enjoying a career as a Pharmacy Technician in the area.

Sarah’s current job holds many responsibilities including entering, labeling and filling prescriptions in a very fast-paced environment.
“Jenica Frye, Pharmacy Technician Coordinator at WVJC Bridgeport, did a great job preparing us for our careers as Pharmacy Technicians,” Sarah explained.

Before enrolling at WVJC Bridgeport, Sarah was enrolled in High School and chose to come to WVJC because it was a good career option with training in a short amount of time.

Her favorite part of being a student at WVJC was the great instructing and guidance she received from Jenica Frye. Sarah served as a member of the Pharmacy Technician Club which gave her the opportunity to be involved in numerous activities to promote the program.

“The staff and instructors were all very helpful and understanding throughout my enrollment,” explained Sarah. “Jenica and Kristy were especially helpful in helping my find my career.”

“I had such a good experience at WVJC and I know I received more attention and training there than I would have at a larger school. They equipped me with the tools to succeed in my field and I was recently able to purchase my first car all by myself…without a co-signer,” explained Sarah.

Sarah would recommend WVJC to others because of the individual attention students receive and the flexible scheduling during the week. “The schedule allows you plenty of time to work while you are in school so you can continue to have your own income,” she said.

Sarah’s advice to new students is not to get overwhelmed. She remarked, “No matter how big a problem might seem to you now, in a short while you will look back and realize it wasn’t as big of a deal as it seemed at the time. Just relax, go with the flow, try your best and you’ll be just fine.”

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