WVJC Bridgeport Graduate Highlight: Lisa Burner, Medical Assistant

Lisa BurnerWest Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus Medical Assisting Graduate, Lisa Burner, says she decided to attend WVJC Bridgeport for a few reasons.

“I liked that I could get my degree in a shorter amount of time,” she explained. “Also, I liked the class size being smaller with more one-on-one assistance with instructors or a free tutoring program available on campus.”

Lisa decided on a career in the medical field because she enjoyed working with others and being a part of the well-being of others. She always had a dream of working in the medical field and with an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting, that dream came true.

She is now a Registered Medical Assistant in Bridgeport and actually started her career three days before she graduated from WVJC Bridgeport.

Lisa said that her favorite part of attending WVJC Bridgeport was meeting new people and being a part of the community service that the campus participates in.  She said, “Volunteering for your community or for an organization is truly one of the most heartwarming experiences ever. I think colleges should require this before students can graduate.”

If Lisa had to offer advice to current students, she would say, “Work hard. Set goals and plan to reach those goals and don’t procrastinate! You get out what you put into it. You are the one in control of your abilities. You should always be thinking, ‘I CAN’ instead of, ‘I can’t. Also, always have a support system and get plenty of rest!”

Lisa had an excellent support system while she attended WVJC. She would like to thank her instructors for their support, first. “Anytime I needed help, it was there for me. I can honestly say that compared to the previous colleges that I attended based on the material that was handed to me, I graduated with WVJC with a greater knowledge and a better understanding of what was being taught.”

She also would like to thank Mrs. Rhoda Leeson. “I am a single mom, so I not only had the everyday struggles of studying and going to college, but I had to take care of my children, work to provide for them and deal with the economical and financial struggles of everyday life. Mrs. Leeson was always there for me from the beginning to the end. On the days that I felt like giving up, she encouraged me and reminded me of the real reasons I chose to come to WVJC and without her support, I don’t think I ever would have graduated with such a positive outlook and accomplishing each and every goal I set.”

If you are interested a career in the healthcare field, contact WVJC today or visit us at www.wvjc.edu.

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