West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus Highlight: Breanna Shingleton


Breanna Shingleton – Pharmacy Technician

BRIDGEPORT, WV – Breanna Shingleton graduated from the Pharmacy Technician Specialized Associate Degree program at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus on February 7, 2013. She is now employed at Mon General Hospital as a Pharmacy Technician.

Her current position entails a wide variety of responsibilities including filling pyxis machines that the nurses pull medications from, answering telephones, making IVs, assisting pharmacists, pre-packing medications, filling and checking cardiac trays and much more.

She said, “As a Pharmacy Technician at a hospital, I have many different responsibilities on a daily basis.”
Before Shingleton decided to attend WVJC, she was undecided on her future.

“Before WVJC, I had just graduated high school and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career. I decided that if I was going to go to college, I needed to go right away. I toured WVJC Bridgeport in early August and everyone was very welcoming and helpful. After speaking with my Admissions Representative, Jason and my family, I decided that day that I wanted to enroll in classes. The big factor for me was that it only took 18 months to get a degree.”

Her favorite part of being a student at WVJC was making new friends. She said, “Everyone was so welcoming, helpful, fun and it was always a positive learning environment. The staff is excellent and very helpful. The three individuals that helped me the most were Michelle Campbell, Jenica Frye and Darin Webster.”

Breanna was involved in the Pharmacy Club during her enrollment and participated in many different activities from bake sales to helping at a shelter with Clarksburg Mission.

According to Breanna, WVJC gave her all of the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful in her career. “Even when I thought some of the classes weren’t necessary, it turns out that I’ve used the skills I learned in those courses,” she explained.

Breanna said, “WVJC changed my life not only from the friendships I made, but by giving me the confidence to know I am able to obtain an Assocate Degree, become Nationally Certified and have a wonderful job that I really and love. Without WVJC, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have these wonderful things.”

“I would recommend WVJC to everyone I know, and I have,” explained Breanna. “The staff and the learning environment is like no other. You learn tools necessary to become successful in your career path and with the little extra tips and help from teachers, it is a life-changing experience.”

Breanna’s advice to current students is not to procrastinate. She stated, “If you have a question, always ask…there are no dumb questions. It may seem like 18 months will drag on forever, but they don’t. They fly by very quickly, so be there every day or you’ll miss vital information. Stay focused, stay involved and keep that degree on your mind when you feel like giving up. It is well-worth it in the end!

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