Triquetra – Externship Highlight

Triquetra is a full service branding, marketing, and promotions agency with the ability to plan, initiate, and monitor marketing, advertising, and promotional needs. Triquetra specializes in marketing technology (MarTech) and marketing communication (MarComm). Their services include website design, social media marketing, AdWords, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, brochures, and other printed materials including banners and signs, graphic design, media buying, product integrations, SaaS recommendations and implementation, and so much more.Triquetra Branding Promotions blue 300x242 1 | WVJC

WVJC Online began its relationship with Triquetra in 2018. Triquetra accepts business students to complete their 90-hour externship in a remote capacity. With the capability for students to complete their externship in a remote capacity, students are able to focus on school and work, while having a meaningful externship experience. Triquetra provides the students with market research to complete, along with projects to develop their marketing and branding skills.

With the increasing need for remote work experience, Triquetra is providing students with the skills and confidence to apply for such types of positions. WVJC Online is proud to work with a company that is able to provide the knowledge and structure to students in the business field.