The Value of Short Term Degrees Online

In today’s market, the need for specific skills is becoming extremely important and very necessary in many fields. The question is….How and where do you get the specific skills? Enter WVJC’s short term degrees. At WVJC, we focus on career specific training and certifications that may lead to employment opportunities in in-demand fields. At WVJC, we pride ourselves on working around your schedule and offering support services from day one.  We specialize in hands-on, simulative, and externship based training that prepares you for real-world careers.

The Value of Short Term Degrees Online e1579278317260 | WVJC

Why has short term training become important in today’s environment?  There are many reasons, but mainly because employers need employees with specific skill sets.  As an example, an employer no longer wants to hire somebody with general knowledge of a field that they need to train on specific skill sets. What they want, instead, is a person with a degree and certification in medical coding who already knows how to navigate the complex bridge between healthcare and healthcare insurance.  They are looking for individuals with specific skills who can perform specific functions.

If you are looking at going to college, knowing what type of employment outcome you desire is important. This will help determine the types of education that are available for you and if short term training is the best option for you.

Looking for more information on WVJC’s short term degree options?  Visit us at wvjc.edu or call the campus at 877-25ONLINE.

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