Taylor Wagner – Student Highlight

Taylor Wagner is a student in the Dental Assisting program at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport.  Prior to attending WVJC, she obtained her certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant through her high school.  She began working at a local hospital (United Hospital Center) and worked as a CNA for 5 ½ years before realizing this wasn’t the direction she wanted her life to go. Taylor reevaluated and made the choice to further her education with WVJC in the Dental Assisting program. Her future in dentistry was an easy choice for her. Taylor said, “I have always found dentistry interesting and loved going to the dentist growing up.”Taylor Wagner BPORT | WVJC

Taylor is currently a full-time dental assisting student, while still working a part-time job as a CNA at UHC.  Taylor says that at times, “it can be difficult to have so much on my plate, but I continue to do what needs done, so that I can have the future I want. WVJC makes it easier because of the small classes, hands on activities, and close drive from home.”

Taylor is excited by how much she is learning and looking forward to putting her knowledge to the test in the workforce.  Taylor says she thoroughly enjoys Mr. Cutright’s classes.  “He is my favorite teacher. He is always there for his students and makes every class interesting.” As she approaches her last 12 weeks, Taylor is completing her externship hours at All Smiles Dental. “I love it there. The doctors are so nice, and the staff always answers my questions and makes me feel at home. I love the hands-on learning experience I am gaining.”

Taylor is not only excited to graduate but is really looking forward to a full-time job in a field she is passionate about.  Taylor is ready to begin her career but is also already thinking about one day continuing her education even further.

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