Tammy Kaylor – Staff Highlight

The chances are if you have not already had courses with Tammy Kaylor as a pharmacy technician student or an allied health student, you will. Tammy is a proud staff member of WVJC Online who takes great pride in sharing her knowledge and expertise with her students. Check out the video below to learn more about Tammy’s background and experience.

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Anna Butcher – Staff Highlight

“I wanted to work in this position because I enjoy working with people and helping them with the goal of creating the life they want. One of the goals I have set for myself is to be available to West Virginia Junior College Morgantown/Online students and to guide them throughout their careers while strengthening my presence in the community to allow for new partnerships that can be beneficial to all parties involved. This position allows me to teach and offer assistance to a wide variety of people and make a positive impact on their lives.”- Anna Butcher.

As the Career Management Director at West Virginia Junior College Morgantown/Online, Anna Butcher assists students and alumni with preparation for their future careers and employment. Anna teaches a Career Preparation course that prepares students to create documents needed to obtain employment, such as; cover letters, resumes, thank you letters, and references. In this course, students also complete a mock interview to assist them in proper interview techniques.

Anna says, “My main motivation is being part of the positive change happening in students’ and alumni’s lives. I enjoy being there to assist them and make the employment process a bit easier. I also enjoy helping employers find quality employees in our students and being a career matchmaker! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing your students were able to find their dream career.”

Previously, Anna worked as a case manager and counselor at a local non-profit. She offered therapy, life skills, goal setting, and utilized behavioral therapy techniques, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), to help her clients better deal with their trauma. After budget cuts due to Covid-19, Anna found her way to WVJC, where she wanted to remain in a position of helping others create a better life for themselves and their families. Anna previously was a Graduate Assistant at a university and loved the idea of combining her two passions of teaching and helping others. Anna has experience with community outreach and enjoys partnering with local businesses to offer employment opportunities to students and alumni. She feels strongly this is where she was meant to be and is happy to have the opportunity to be in a fulfilling career doing what she loves!

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Robert Dick – Student Highlight

Before attending WVJC, Bobby Dick received two associate degrees, one in visual communication and another in professional piloting. Bobby chose to further his education and pursue WVJC’s Nursing program because he felt that it would help him enhance his previously learned life skills and place him in the position to help people in their time of need. Bobby chose WVJC because it was the only school that offered an evening program, which allows him to continue working. He also mentioned that “the fact that the school is one of the top-rated nursing schools in the state, made it an easy decision.”

Bobby’s favorite part of WVJC so far has been “All of it! The staff has been very helpful and awesome from the start. The diversity of my classmates and their ability to share their knowledge while working together as a team has been a great asset,” he said. Bobby mentioned that there had not been a teacher or class that he has not liked. “Everybody has been very knowledgeable and personable, which helps with the intensity of the coursework.” If he had to pick a teacher that has been his favorite, it would have to be Kim Pratt, his online TEAS prep course instructor. “She has been very inspiring, supportive, and helpful,” Bobby says.

After graduation, Bobby hopes to find a career that combines his strengths as well as his goals. He also wants a career that puts him in a position where he can help as many people as he can while at the same time fulfilling his own emotional and financial needs. In five years, Bobby would like to have stability with his career and the satisfaction of knowing that he made a difference. He has plans to continue his education to teach and pass on the knowledge that he has learned to enable others to make a difference effectively.

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Jennifer Bird – Staff Highlight

When you walk through the doors at West Virginia Junior College in Cross Lanes, you can always expect a welcoming greeting from the administrative assistant, Jennifer Bird. In 1998, Jennifer graduated from WVJC and earned a diploma in Clerical Word Processing. Jennifer loved her caring instructors and hands-on educational experience. Shortly after graduation, she was contacted about an employment opportunity at WVJC, and she knew it would be a great fit!

Jennifer heard about college classes at WVJC in 1998 from her grandma. She said, “I remember my grandma finding an advertisement in the newspaper for classes at West Virginia Junior College. I made a phone call and completed the admissions process and started classes the next month.”

Jennifer wears many hats as WVJC’s Administrative Assistant. She offers support to students, graduates, staff, and faculty. She said, “I believe in the mission of WVJC and the best part is seeing students graduate and fulfill their dreams.” Jennifer is currently enrolled in the Business Administration degree program through WVJC Online. “I am enjoying my Introduction to Business course and my favorite part is learning how to start a business,” she says.

Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family in her spare time, working on her farm with her many animals, and horseback riding. A fun fact about Jennifer is she has 10 children, 20 dogs, 25 cows, 3 horses, 8 chickens, and 2 cats and she still greets everyone with a smile when they enter WVJC.

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Randy Holcomb – Student Highlight

Randy is a thirty‑one-year-old working toward obtaining an associate degree in information technology.  His favorite class so far has been Networking 103.  When asked why that class was his favorite said, “that’s the class where you finally put your knowledge and hard work to use.  You’ve spent all this time creating your ‘baby,’ and now you can start working with it.”

Randy comes from a labor background, has an 18-month old son, and even though he is older than the traditional student, he is highly driven to succeed in his academic goals to give his family a better future. Randy decided to start a career in the IT field because he feels it would give him a career doing something interesting and new. Randy also stated that a career where you can sit while you work sounds pretty appealing after so many years of labor.

Randy feels that many WVJC faculty and staff have helped him along his academic journey, but most of all, he is grateful for Mr. Powell and Ms. Middleton. Randy stated that Ms.  Middleton worked with him and understood the financial struggles that college brings. She was patient, helpful, and did whatever she could to make sure he was able to attend WVJC. Mr.  Powell is understanding and accommodating. If it wasn’t for him, Randy feels he would not fully understand the content in the difficult IT courses. Randy states that Mr. Powell is a phenomenal instructor who goes above and beyond for his students.

Randy enjoys the challenges that college-level learning brings.  One tool he said that has been an asset to him in his college career is the “inability to lose.”  Randy is very competitive, and luckily some of his classes allow him to use that as motivation.

When asked what his favorite part of WVJC was, Randy stated, “The class structure and small class sizes are extremely beneficial.  Knowing your instructors have your back and truly want you to succeed is incredible.  The entire staff has a fantastic, helpful attitude.  Honestly, WVJC as a whole is my favorite thing.”

Randy’s advice to other students would be to put in as much work and as many hours as your instructors do.  Do not lose your motivation.  Remember your reason for being there.  You have to have accountability.  Most importantly, you have to be driven to succeed.  Your instructors can only do so much.  You’re taught 90%, and the other 10% has to come from you.

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Learn About Career Services At WVJC Online

Do you know what career management services at WVJC Online has to offer you? If not, you will not want to miss this video as the Director of Career Management, Brittany Remington informs you about three of the several benefits that career management has to offer. Career Management is available to assist students throughout their journey here at WVJC Online. This means from the moment that students enroll, during the duration of their time at WVJC Online, and after students graduate, the career management team can answer any question, assist with job searches, as well as provide continual refresher services for interviewing skills and updating your resume.

Students will be assigned to their career management director at the beginning phases of their program. They will continue to develop that relationship with their career management director throughout their program, so by the time graduation comes, the student has a career plan. If you are in need of career assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Brittany Remington, as she will direct you to your assigned career management director.

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Meet WVJC Financial Aid Representative, Paula Sullivan!

Hi! My name is Paula Sullivan. I attended Herbert Hoover High School and graduated in 1998. I then attended Marshall University for roughly 1 ½ yrs. Prior to working at West Virginia Junior College, I worked for Frontier Communications, Verizon, and Bell Atlantic for 17 yrs. I am now the Financial Aid Representative at WVJC. I was looking to finish up my degree and find a career that would allow me to care for my 8 year old daughter. WVJC worked for me!

I love my friendly, hardworking co-workers, and chatting with our students. I started out at WVJC as an administrative assistant and then moved up to Financial Aid. I am definitely motivated by learning new things! I am most proud of my 8-year-old baby girl Chloe. My long term career goals are to gain my Associate Degree in Business Administration and Accounting, and to work my way up at WVJC. An interesting fact about myself that not many know is I once skydived. It was AWESOME!

Pharmacy Technician – Program Highlight

Jamie McGuire, Pharmacy Technician Program Director at West Virginia Junior College- Morgantown,  is very passionate about the Pharmacy Technician field and her program’s role in providing educated and competently trained individuals for employment in this growing field.  See the video below to learn more about WVJC’s Pharmacy Technician program.

In the video, Ms. McGuire explains that a Pharmacy Technician is “a healthcare professional working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist to provide a wide range of patient-based pharmaceutical services.”  These services include everything from general prescription processing and billing at a community pharmacy to working in a nuclear pharmacy.

Ms. McGuire highlights the fact that the general public does not realize how many different types of facilities require the use of a Pharmacy Technician and highlights those in the video as well.

Finally, Ms. McGuire talks a bit about the Pharmacy Technician program at WVJC in terms of how the training and education is completed, the required national certification, externship requirements and so much more.

Meet WVJC Charleston Instructor Aaron Settle!

Aaron Settle

Aaron Settle, known to his students as Mr. Settle, is an adjunct teacher at West Virginia Junior College Charleston, where he teaches general education and medical courses. He chose to work at WVJC because he wanted the opportunity to stay engaged with the medical community while helping students who are pursuing careers in the medical field. “Once I started teaching at WVJC, my reasons became much more meaningful. I truly enjoy the difference I believe I make in many of the students’ lives as they work toward their degree and certification goals. The students are certainly my favorite part about working at WVJC. There is nothing more enjoyable as a teacher than seeing students move from nervous new students to confident and educated graduates.”

Although he enjoys where he is right now, Mr. Settle says he still has plenty of personal and professional goals to meet. “Each day I see what I am doing, and the quality in which it is done, as part of my path to reach my next goal. If there is something I am doing personally or professionally that I believe is no longer serving the purpose of preparing me for my future goals, I quickly readjust so that I am constantly becoming better at what I am doing so I can achieve my next goal.

Want to know something interesting about Mr. Settle?

-He held the Teenage Division 198lb weight class WV Powerlifting Record for the Bench Press from 1991-2003.  He loves bowling. He bowled a 300 game in 1997.

-He dreamed of making in on the PBA tour, but never held a high enough league average or won the appropriate number of tournaments. He hasn’t bowled in a league since 2008.

-His dream job is to be a stand-up comedian, (and actually be able to make a living doing it.)


Q&A With Medical Instructor Tammy Kaylor

What is your educational background? I have a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from Duquesne University and am a registered pharmacist in both Pennsylvania and Ohio. I am also CPR certified.
Tammy Kaylor

What are some of your prior work experiences? Upon graduating college, I worked as both a retail and hospital pharmacist. Also, previous to working at WVJC, I taught numerous different science and medical courses at both the University and Community College level.

What is your current role at WVJC? Currently, I am a course developer and medical instructor for WVJC Online.

Why did you choose to work at WVJC? I chose to work at WVJC because, similar to our students, I enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from home and at times of the day that are convenient for me. This has become very important now that my husband and I have two young children and our Shih Tzu, Mr. Pickles, to care for!

What is your favorite part of working for WVJC? My favorite part of working for WVJC is getting to interact with so many different students and being able to be a part of their journey toward earning a degree that will allow them to achieve their dream job in the medical field.

What, or who motivates you and why? I’d have to say that my two sons are my biggest motivation as I always try to do my best to ensure that they are happy and have something to look forward to day-to-day. As I tell my 3-year-old every morning when he wakes up,“Every day is a new adventure!”

What are you most proud of? I am most proud of the fact that I get to use my degree in a way that really helps a lot of people achieve their goals. I have always enjoyed helping others which, ultimately, led me to a career in the medical field. Now, I get to play a part in educating future healthcare workers which has been so rewarding!

What are your long-term career goals? I plan to continue working for WVJC and to develop additional classes, as well as teach them, so that I can educate as many students as possible about different aspects of the medical profession.

What is something interesting about yourself that not many people know? I can play both the flute and piano and enjoy painting and making flower arrangements. My favorite vacation destination is the beach and I have a severe weakness for ice cream!