Randy Holcomb – Student Highlight

Randy is a thirty‑one-year-old working toward obtaining an associate degree in information technology.  His favorite class so far has been Networking 103.  When asked why that class was his favorite said, “that’s the class where you finally put your knowledge and hard work to use.  You’ve spent all this time creating your ‘baby,’ and now you can start working with it.”

Randy comes from a labor background, has an 18-month old son, and even though he is older than the traditional student, he is highly driven to succeed in his academic goals to give his family a better future. Randy decided to start a career in the IT field because he feels it would give him a career doing something interesting and new. Randy also stated that a career where you can sit while you work sounds pretty appealing after so many years of labor.

Randy feels that many WVJC faculty and staff have helped him along his academic journey, but most of all, he is grateful for Mr. Powell and Ms. Middleton. Randy stated that Ms.  Middleton worked with him and understood the financial struggles that college brings. She was patient, helpful, and did whatever she could to make sure he was able to attend WVJC. Mr.  Powell is understanding and accommodating. If it wasn’t for him, Randy feels he would not fully understand the content in the difficult IT courses. Randy states that Mr. Powell is a phenomenal instructor who goes above and beyond for his students.

Randy enjoys the challenges that college-level learning brings.  One tool he said that has been an asset to him in his college career is the “inability to lose.”  Randy is very competitive, and luckily some of his classes allow him to use that as motivation.

When asked what his favorite part of WVJC was, Randy stated, “The class structure and small class sizes are extremely beneficial.  Knowing your instructors have your back and truly want you to succeed is incredible.  The entire staff has a fantastic, helpful attitude.  Honestly, WVJC as a whole is my favorite thing.”

Randy’s advice to other students would be to put in as much work and as many hours as your instructors do.  Do not lose your motivation.  Remember your reason for being there.  You have to have accountability.  Most importantly, you have to be driven to succeed.  Your instructors can only do so much.  You’re taught 90%, and the other 10% has to come from you.

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Employee Highlight – Lisa Frank

Greetings!  My name is Lisa Collingwood Frank and here is a little information about me!


My path to a teaching career began when I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from California University of Pennsylvania in 1992; while there, I also minored in English and psychology.  After many, many, many years, I decided it was time to take my education to the next level, and I enrolled in Central Michigan’s Global Campus.  In 2012, I received a Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology.

Career Path

I began teaching in 2000 at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology (PIHT); at the time, the school was called West Virginia Career Institute.  In addition to PIHT, I have taught at Penn State and Westmoreland County Community College, and WVJC.

Current Role

Currently, I am an adjunct faculty member for both WVJC Morgantown campus and WVJC Online campus.

Working at WVJC

I chose to work at WVJC because I wanted to make a difference.  Once I started, I liked the family-like atmosphere displayed from administration, faculty, and staff.  After all these years, I continue to love working at WVJC for many reasons, but there are two which stand out most.  First, I love to personal connection I have with the students; there is nothing more satisfying than to see students succeed.  Second, the family-like atmosphere which first pulled continues to me reminds me how lucky I am to have a job that I love.  In the words of Wayne Dyer, “Love what you do; do what you love.”

My Pride and Joy

Personally, I am most proud of my family!  They support me in everything I do, and they remind me everyday just how beautiful life is.

Professionally, I am most proud of my Microsoft Office certification. I am currently certified in Microsoft Word, core and expert; Microsoft Excel, core and expert; Microsoft PowerPoint; and Microsoft Access.

Long-term career goals

I want to continue doing what I love!

A Fun Fact About Me

Although I love all types of music (except country), hip hop is one of my favorites!

Information Technology Faculty Highlight – Chris Hefner

Chris HefnerChris Hefner is a valuable asset of the West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport faculty. He is adored by many of our students, and works hard to keep his students engaged in classroom activities. In addition to being highly valuable to our staff, Chris is highly educated. Chris graduated from the Bridgeport campus of WVJC. He earned his associate degree in Information Technology in December of 2014. He also holds several certifications in his field. He understands the importance of continuing his education, and teaches his students the importance of this as well.
Before beginning his career at WVJC, Chris worked at Microsystems as an IT Technician. When asked why he made the choice to teach at WVJC he says, “I wanted to give back to the institution that gave me my degree.” Now, Chris is an IT adjunct instructor at WVJC. He teaches both entry level and advanced IT courses. Chris also helps the WVJC staff by being the onsite technician. His favorite part about working at WVJC is seeing his students be successful. He says, “Watching them succeed in their field and passing certifications. Knowing that I helped get them there is an amazing feeling.”
In addition to Chris’s successful career, he enjoys his home life with his wife and daughter. They inspire Chris daily and keep him on the right path. Chris is also motivated by his mentor Aaron Jones, WVJC Bridgeport’s IT coordinator. He says, “he keeps me forever in the IT mindset.” We hope that Chris is with us for years to come because we find his passion for teaching to be extremely valuable. He says, “I would like to continue to teach. I have found pride and accomplishment in watching my knowledge flow into students and make their lives better.”

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