Career Services Highlight Featuring Selena Ramey!

Selena Ramey, Career Management Representative
Selena Ramey, Career Management Representative

My name is Selena Ramey and I am the Career Management Director here at the West Virginia Junior College Charleston campus. I have been fortunate enough to work here for the past 4 years and love getting to know the students!

As the Career Management Director I work closely with our students from the beginning of their time here at WVJC. I offer assistance finding “survival jobs” for students that may need extra income while they are attending classes. We have wonderful relationships with employers in the area that work with our school schedule.

My main goal is to help our students find their career! We do this by completing resumes, practicing interview skills, informing students about dressing professionally, sending out resumes, setting up interviews, and helping students write thank you letters after their interviews are complete. Again, we have wonderful relationships with employers in the area that have hired and continue to hire our students.

Every year we hold a Career Fair with around 30+ employers in the Charleston are to give our students and graduates the opportunity to network and find their career! We have many students get hired throughout this process and also have had students find an externship site at the Career Fairs. We also bring employers into class during Career Prep to do “mock interviews” so the students are able to practice in a professional environment as well.

WVJC Morgantown Staff Highlight: Diane Hevner

WVJC Morgantown Staff HighlightThe face of the front office will celebrate her 16th anniversary Nov. 7, with the West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown campus.

In Sept. 1997, Diane Hevner graduated from the WVJC with a diploma in Office Technology and Office Processing.

“Diane is the first person our potential students hear and see,” said Jessica Nuckles, High School Admissions Representative. “Her demeanor and attitude toward them help to create a positive enrollment experience.”

Jessica added that the staff also sincerely appreciates her dedication to making sure there’s coffee in the morning.

Diane said her favorite thing about her position is interacting with all of the students. She said she also had quite a good time last year with Rodney Murray, now a WVJC Medical Assistant graduate, by putting a large photo of him on the WVJC Christmas tree.

Diane and her husband, Paul, have two daughters, Lori and Debbie, and three grandchildren.  They also have a dog, Peaches, and a cockatoo, Poppins.

“Without Diane in the front office, it’s as if the WVJC comes to a halt,” said Holly Hildreth, WVJC Career Management Director. “She takes care of so many things, and I hope that she realizes that she is an integral part of our organization.”