Medical Assisting Graduate Highlight – Samantha Murphy

Samantha MurphySamantha Murphy is a graduate of West Virginia Junior College Charleston. Samantha enrolled in the Medical Assisting program at WVJC after graduating from Clay County High School in 2015. She visited other schools but she loved how WVJC had a career focused schedule and loved that she would be done in 18 months! “The school schedule was awesome! Everyone at the campus was nice and helpful. I t was a very hands-on experience.”

Samantha grew up knowing friends and family that worked in the medical field. She loved everything about it from a young age and has always been interested in learning new things. When asked about her favorite part of going to WVJC, she replied “I got really close with my classmates and the faculty there. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. My favorite class was lab!” Samantha had a lot of fun learning to draw blood. She loves Phlebotomy!

“My idea of a perfect day is going to work and seeing my lovely patients, then coming home to love on my fur baby, Paislee. My favorite food is anything with potatoes, but mainly cheese fries!”

Samantha is currently working for Clendenin Health Center (where she completed her externship for WVJC) as a Medical Assistant. She loves her job and her patients and wants to continue working in the medical field as long as possible. She also hopes to, one day, buy her dream home with her soon to be husband.

If you, like Samantha are looking for an exciting career as a Clinical Medical Assistant, request information today!

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Information Technology Graduate-William Stella

William StellaWilliam Stella is a graduate of West Virginia Junior College Charleston. He enrolled in the Information Technology program after he heard about it through a family member. “I heard about WVJC from a family member and decided to give the Charleston campus a call. I talked to an admissions representative about which program would be the best fit for me and when I should start. After touring the campus and meeting the faculty, I decided to officially enroll.”

“Before attending WVJC, I was employed at a local pizza place and I was working at a field technician for Dell Inc.” William said he spent a lot of time thinking about what he wanted to pursue professionally. William had worked in the IT field for several years before attending WVJC but wanted to advance his career by obtaining certifications and learning more about CISCO Networking Technology.

During his time here he enjoyed Mr. Pinkerton’s class. “Mr. Pinkerton was my favorite instructor. He was able to set expectations comparable to expectations in the workplace and work with you one on one to ensure you learned the material. He never gave up on any student. The faculty and student body were very welcoming. The faculty worked with me on any questions or concerns when it came to personal or educational requirements.”

When asked about his idea of a perfect day, his response was “A day at the beach of course! Besides that, learning something challenging and having the capability to apply that knowledge is the best feeling any day.”

William is currently working as in IT contractor at Alpha Natural Resources. He says his long term goals are to obtain his CCNP certification and have no gray hair! He plans to continue his growth in the IT field and he feels that WVJC has given him the correct tools to accomplish these goals.

If you are looking for a new and exciting career in IT, request information today!

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Medical Assisting Graduate Highlight – Logan Miller

Logan MillerLogan Miller is a graduate of West Virginia Junior College Charleston’s Medical Assisting program. He enrolled at WVJC after graduating from Lincoln County High School with high honors. At the time, he was working as a first responder, which was the determining factor in his decision to pursue his education in the medical field.

“When I began my studies at WVJC, my goals and ambitions were (and still are) larger than life. Thanks to the attentive, one on one training that I received from my instructors, I got my foot in the door of the medical field, where the sky is the limit.

During Logan’s time at WVJC, he enjoyed Ms. Campbell’s classes most. “She was so much more than an educator. She was truly my friend and never stopped encouraging me and pushing me do my best. Even after I left WVJC, she continued to let me know she was always there for me whenever I needed her.”

After graduation, Logan started his career working as a medical assistant at a podiatrist office, and is now working in the Vascular Center of Excellence, side by side some of CAMC’s finest surgeons. Being in the medical field has allowed him to continue on his quest to help others and has presented him with many opportunities that continue to grow each day.

Logan has this to say about his experience at WVJC, “Whether you land yourself a career or continue your education, this is a major step in the journey of life, one that would be recognized for its significance. It is an act not only of personal commitment, but also one of pride. A WVJC Degree is a wonderful tool in this world, one that will open many doors of opportunity for your future.”

If you are looking for a new and exciting career as a Clinical Medical Assistant, request information today!

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Information Technology Graduate Highlight – Justin Daggs

Justin DaggsBefore Justin Daggs started his education at WVJC, he had worked several jobs and had many obstacles to overcome. He said, “I always thought college was kind of out of the question for me. I had multiple reasons for why I could not go. I wasn’t smart enough, poor ACT scores, not responsible enough, the list goes on and on.”

After working several dead end jobs, Justin was referred to WVJC by a good friend and made an appointment to come visit the school.  After talking with an admissions representative and touring the school, he chose to enroll in the Information Technology program. “WVJC changed me and gave me some hope in my life when I thought my future was already written,” he says.

After graduating from WVJC with a degree in Information Technology, Justin accepted an IT Help Desk position at the University of Charleston. “I’ve had many opportunities to utilize new technologies and work with equipment used in professional organizations. I get to set up streams and work cameras like some of my favorite YouTube and Twitch heroes,” he says. Justin also has the opportunity to train and support current IT students through WVJC’s externship program. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and his experiences with future WVJC graduates.

If you, like Justin, are looking for a fresh start, please contact us at 304-345-2820, or Request Info.  We would love to schedule a tour, and get you one step closer to your dream career!

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Dental Assisting Student Highlight-Kourtney Patrick

Kourtney PatrickKourtney Patrick was leading an exciting career as a Promotions Manager at WV Radio Corporation when she found out she was pregnant…..with twins! She was overjoyed at the news, but also knew it would be hard to keep up the demanding pace of live radio after the birth of her babies. Being on call 24/7, managing seven radio stations and overseeing all live events hosted by those stations – she was one busy woman!

After the birth of her twins, Kourtney decided not to go back to her job in radio. She wanted to be able to stay at home with her new babies and focus on being a wife and a mom. Four years later Kourtney was ecstatic to find out she was pregnant again. This time triplets were in her future! Needless to say, a household with 5 small children was sure to keep her on her toes!

When her children started school, Kourtney suddenly found herself with some free time again. She began thinking about working outside of the home, and started dreaming of what she would like to do. “I wanted a job that would be viable in any state; just in case we would ever have to move” Kourtney says. It was at this point she began thinking of a career in the Dental field. After doing a quick search she came upon our website and requested more information on our programs. The very next day she received a phone call from our Adult Admissions Representative, Kellie Moore, inviting her to the campus for an interview and a personal tour.

After finishing the campus tour, Kourtney knew this was where she was meant to be. “The atmosphere was so friendly, and everyone felt like a big family.” The class schedule could not have been any better either. A Monday–Thursday schedule with the earliest class starting at 8:00AM and the last class ending at 2:10PM. This would allow her to see her children off to school every morning and meet them at the bus stop each afternoon. Kourtney says, “It was perfect! I knew at that point God had definitely brought me to West Virginia Junior College.”

Kourtney says her favorite Instructor at WVJC has been Mrs. Rebecca Shamblin. “During the last six-week session, I had her for two back to back classes. She is such a good teacher and you never get bored listening to her.” Mrs. Rebecca Shamblin is the Dental Assisting Program Director here at the Charleston campus; she holds an Associates of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene as well as a Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree with a minor in English Literature. Mrs. Shamblin is also a Certified Dental Assistant and a Registered Dental Hygienist. If you have any kind of dental question, she is the lady to see!

When asked about her long-term goals, Kourtney responded, “I would love to work in a Pediatric Dentist Office. I know many people, especially children, fear having dental work done and I feel I could use my people skills to help ease the nervous patients. Also, I want to further my education and get my Orthodontic License.”

If you are interested in the Dental field, come check out our Dental Assisting Program at the West Virginia Junior College Charleston Campus! We would love to give you more information about our school and take you on a tour of our facility. Just listen to Kourtney’s advice, “Pursue the career you want. Don’t give up. Get your support system and do it!” Please call us at 304-345-2820 or request info to set up your own personal interview now!

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