Maurice Faulkner – Student Highlight

Maurice Faulkner is a student in the Network Administration/Security program at WVJC Charleston. Maurice picked WVJC because it was local and easily accessible. Maurice was interested in a career that is in high demand and included his love of technology and computers. Having heard the commercials for WVJC, he decided to schedule an appointment to see if this was the right college for him. Right away he noticed the friendly environment. “It just felt like it was the right choice.” He learned that he could start on the path toward a career he was interested in and the environment was positive and encouraging.

Maurice’s interests include video games and working on computers. “I enjoy taking apart things and putting them back together while learning how they work,” Maurice said.  His curiosity has fueled his career choice. Maurice said, “Technology jobs are moving into the future of day to day lifestyle.” He couldn’t be more on point with the high demands of IT professionals and the increasing developments in technology.  Our IT department offers an enriched experience that will prepare students for various IT positions and establish a mindset for growth.

Maurice speaks highly of his experience at WVJC and he enjoys the environment.  Like other students, Maurice feels that the WVJC faculty and staff really do care about student success, as evident in WVJC’s core values. WVJC’s core values include: work ethic, exemplary, caring, accountability, relationships and excellence (WE CARE). Maurice emphasized that he enjoyed this approach and other learning aspects WVJC promotes. Maurice wanted to recognize Instructor Bill Sigler and IT Director, Tom Pinkerton. “They have taught me a bunch. Whether it be computers or networking. I think they go beyond to help the students to succeed.”

Maurice says “if anyone was wanting to better their life and start a great future on the path to success, then they should pick WVJC because it’s a friendly college and the staff members are nice and professional. The teachers teach you many things at this college and if you pay attention, you will succeed.”  Maurice is gearing up to complete his degree next year.

To other potential students, Maurice says to “Keep your head up and pay attention to what the instructors and directors have to say. Show up and get involved during the study groups. If your program has a club, help in the club. It’s a good experience if you put your mind to it because the college is there to help anyone who is willing to learn.” After graduation, Maurice wants to find a position in networking or computer repairs and then pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Maurice has found the perfect way to integrate his past experiences and a passion for technology and computers. Maurice served as a firefighter for four years. Firefighters are equipped with problem-solving skills to tackle an emergency effectively and safely. Networking Administration/Security shares the same mindset as fighting fires. Maurice needs to see the smaller inner workings of the big picture to plan his approach. This is another example of a student focused on a career that incorporates his previous experience and interests.

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Information Technology Graduate-Josh Keely

Josh Keely is a recent graduate from West Virginia Junior College Charleston. Before attending WVJC, he was working a full time job and working as a bouncer on the weekends.  Working everyday was extremely exhausting and he was ready for a change! Josh came to WVJC and enrolled in the IT program. He originally thought he might be interested in the Business Administration program until he saw the IT lab. “I switched from business to IT because I saw in the IT lab when they were taking apart computers and it looked really cool. It was hands on and something I really enjoyed learning about.”
Josh Keely

Josh said his favorite part about WVJC was his classmates. “You’re not going through this alone. I met lifelong friends while going to school there. We helped each other through things we were struggling with. It really helped me get through some of the classes. I enjoyed just about every class and teacher at the school. They all take pride in helping students succeed. Tom’s (WVJC’s IT Director) classes really helped me prepare for the workforce. When I asked work related questions about scenarios, he had the answer. It has helped me in the job I am in now and I am thankful for that.”

When asked what his ideal job was after graduation he said “I got it! I completed my externship at the University of Charleston and got hired as a help desk technician in February of 2018. I just want to be successful. I like staying busy and being productive. Success is not for the weak of heart. If you want to succeed you must be willing to make sacrifices, but in the end it is all worth it.”

His advice to other college students? “Time management is the most important thing. Use your time wisely. If I could go back and do it again, I would have managed my time better. Take your schooling seriously. What you put in is what you get out. WVJC is a very fast paced college, but that’s a good thing. What takes other people two years or longer, took me 18 months. I started college in April 2016 and have a job less than 2 years later. It’s all worth it, just take it seriously. It’s tough, but totally worth it.”