Dayna Ferrari – Student Highlight

Clinical Medical Assistant student Dayna Ferrari started attending WVJC in August 2020 after graduating from Capital High School.  Dayna said, “My decision to attend WVJC was an easy one.” Dayna has always had an interest in the medical field. She said, “WVJC Clinical Medical Assistant program is fast-track, has smaller classes, and offers a flexible schedule which gave me the confidence to start my college education.”

The Clinical Medical Assistant program at WVJC offers various courses that provide students hands-on training in clinical skills for entry-level positions working in any setting in healthcare. Dayna said, “My favorite class so far is Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Settle. I have always been enthralled by the inner workings of the body and how it functions.” Another favorite class of Dayna’s is her medical assisting lab class taught by Program Director Chelsea Abbott. She said, “I find the lab work very interesting and hands-on, which helps me focus and retain the information I have learned.”

Dayna has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for two years. She enjoys helping people but is looking forward to expanding her scope of practice as a Certified Medical Assistant. After graduation, Dayna wants to work as a medical assistant in a pediatric setting. Her long-term goal is to become a Registered Nurse in the pediatric wing of a hospital, married, and have her own home and start a family. In her free time, Dayna enjoys binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix and researching medical issues taking place around the globe.

We asked Dayna if she has any advice for a new student, she said, “My advice to new students would be to make sure you start on a strong foot, don’t be afraid to talk to your instructors, they understand everything that is going on, big or small.  Get involved in the school; it will help you to succeed more.”

Dayna said, “I would absolutely recommend WVJC to friends and family! Growing up, I always needed one-on-one communication with my teacher; not only did I get that at WVJC, but it also offered an environment where I could focus and buckle down.  The staff is also very understanding in regards to your life outside of school, and the flexible schedule makes it easier to keep my job and focus on my studies without becoming overwhelmed.”

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Carlie Wagner – Graduate Highlight

Before deciding to attend WVJC, Carlie Wagner was a senior at Buffalo High School. Carlie understands the importance of a college education and she knew from a young age that she wanted to earn her degree.  When she started looking at colleges, she knew she wanted a fast track program that would lead her into a career. Carlie also knew that she did not want to spend years taking classes that were not related to her field of study and the burden of unnecessary student loan debt.

Carlie was interested in the medical field starting at a young age. She chose the Clinical Medical Assistant Degree Program at WVJC because her goal is to be a Registered Nurse. Carlie said, “My favorite part about attending WVJC was meeting new friends and learning new information.”  Carlie enjoyed her Anatomy and Physiology classes with Dr. Settle. She said, “In high school, I hated Anatomy, but in college I thoroughly enjoyed it! Dr. Settle and Chelsea Abbott made learning fun.”

During the last 6 weeks of her program at WVJC, Carlie completed 160 hours of externship at Charleston Area Medical Center Urology.  She loved her externship experience at CAMC! She even had the opportunity to work with her mom during that time. Carlie described her externship as an easy transition into the medical field. She said, “I received training for a week and then I was able to chart and triage patients by myself.”

In December 2020, Carlie accepted a position as a Certified Medical Assistant at Marshall Pediatrics. She said, “I am looking forward to learning new things and working with babies and little kids.” After getting some experience as a medical assistant, Carlie’s goal is to further her education to become a Registered Nurse.

Carlie said, “I would totally recommend WVJC to any friend I know who doesn’t want a big debt and is looking for a quick program to get them out in the world and love what they are doing.”

If you would like to know more about the fast track medical programs or other programs at WVJC, request information here!

Yolanda Bass – Student Highlight

WVJC graduate, Yolanda Bass, enrolled in college at WVJC in 2013 because of the fast-track programs, location of the school, and friendliness of the staff and faculty. She graduated with an Associate Degree in Business Administration in 2014. After receiving her business training, she worked as an administrative assistant.

Yolanda always had an interest in the medical field, and in 2019, she decided she wanted to further her education at WVJC. Yolanda applied, and was accepted, into the fall 2019 Associate Degree in Nursing program at WVJC Charleston. She said, “I attended WVJC previously and I loved the smaller classes where people know you by name, instead of just a number.”

The staff and faculty at WVJC follow “WE CARE” values and strive to help empower change by creating opportunity for students. Yolanda said her favorite part of attending WVJC is the friendliness of the staff and the sense of community. She said, “I have built friendships that have become great for networking.” We asked Yolanda who her favorite teacher is and she said, “I love Kishia, she is always happy and her personality is contagious.” She further stated, “Kishia inspires us to do our best and is always available to offer help or answer questions.”

After graduation, Yolanda would like to work at Charleston Area Medical Center as a registered nurse. Yolanda is looking forward to financial stability and a flexible schedule as a registered nurse so she can spend more time with her daughter. If you would like to know more about the fast track medical programs or other programs at WVJC, request information here!

Medical Assistant Graduate Highlight – Larissa Sauvageot

CHARLESTON, WV – Larissa Sauvageot decided to attend West Virginia Junior College Charleston Campus by consulting with a fellow student.

“I chose to go to WVJC after I had my daughter,” Larissa said. “I had checked into it a few times with my friend, Lauren. I figured it would work out great since I stayed home through the day with the baby and I could attend classes at night.”

Larissa chose the medical program for a couple reasons.

“I chose the medical field because, more than likely, I will never have issues finding a job,” she said. “I also wanted to help make my family more financially comfortable.”

Out of all of her classes, Larissa enjoyed being in lab the most. WVJC’s medical lab classes help all students learn crucial skills with hands-on experience. Being able to adapt these skills quickly is a great part of what the program offers.

While classes were very important, Larissa gained more than just knowledge from her time at WVJC.

“My favorite part of being a student at WVJC was all the lifelong friends I made. We made class fun.”

Graduation Pinning September 2012 - Larissa
West Virginia Junior College graduate, Larissa, at her graduation pinning in September 2012.

After completing her classes and passing the Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant exam, Larissa found a full-time position with Charleston Area Medical Center.

“I am a NA/HUC at CAMC in Teays Valley and enjoy it so far,” she said. “I work night shifts, which help out on daycare expenses. The people I work with are awesome and crazy people. We make working fun.”

In the future, Larissa would love to work in pediatrics. She also plans on joining the nursing program through Charleston Area Medical Center to become a registered nurse.

Congratulations to Larissa on all her successful endeavors!

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Current Nursing Student Highlight – Lindsay Bible

MORGANTOWN, WV – With over a decade of healthcare experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant, it was a West Virginia Junior College (WVJC) Nursing Program radio ad that finally convinced Lindsay Bible to take her first steps in becoming a Registered Nurse(RN).

She said she applied for the nursing program the day she heard the commercial and took the Nursing TEAS Test a month later. The TEAS Test evaluates a potential student’s essential academic skills.

“It was tough, because I had not been in school for awhile,” Lindsay said. “I definitely recommend preparing, purchasing the study book and doing the practice examples. That helped me a lot.”

With her family’s support, particularly her grandmother’s, Lindsay was accepted into the WVJC Nursing Program where in two years from her September 2011 start date, she will have earned her Associate’s Degree in Nursing and will have been prepared to take the RN Licensing Exam.

At the WVJC, learning begins in a classroom setting where students learn the necessary skills. Those skills are then applied in a lab where students practice on METI-Man a human-patient simulator that gives students a chance to practice their newly-acquired skills in a realistic setting. The lab is followed by clinical where nursing students visit local hospitals for eight hours on Saturday or Sunday.

While Lindsay thought she wanted to work in oncology, watching a live birth during a clinical changed the nursing student’s mind.

“I cried when I saw the first baby being born,” Lindsay said. “For the (patient) to let me experience that was really amazing to me. And the baby was really cute.”

Lindsay said she knew then that she wanted to work in a maternity ward.

“Once we did our maternity clinical, I was hooked,” she added.

Lindsay, a Pittsburgh native who moved to Morgantown five years ago, said the full-time work schedule, plus school and the weekend clinical have created a hectic schedule.

“It’s hard to balance friends, a relationship, school and work,” Lindsay said. “But everyone understands. I try to think positively, because in one year, I’ll be finished.”

She added that the WVJC’s instructors are, “amazing, really supportive and really helpful.”

Even though she spends nearly 12 hours a day in the medical setting, Lindsay still finds time to spend Thursday night watching ABC’s hospital drama “Grey’s Anatomy. “She said her favorite character is Christina, although Lindsay said the character nothing like her.

For more information about the WVJC Morgantown’s Nursing Program, visit or call 304-296-8282.

For more information on graduation rates, median debt of students who have completed their programs, and other important information, please visit our website at Our programs are equal opportunity employer/programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.