Clinical Medical Assistant Graduate – Rachael Farruggia

Rachael Farruggia is a recent medical assisting graduate from WVJC Morgantown. Before WVJC, Rachael attended New River Community College, Concord University, and Fairmont State University. “I enjoyed my time at Concord, but they did not have the major I wanted there so I transferred. New River was pretty nice as well, but I moved to Morgantown.” Rachael FarruggiaAfter moving, Rachel transferred to Fairmont and enjoyed her time there too, but it was just too far of a commute, particularly since she was balancing her responsibilities as a student with being a stay at home mom. This prompted Rachael to look into WVJC.

Rachael credits small class sizes, plenty of one-on-one time with professors, and the right program for her decision to enroll at WVJC. “I was not ready just yet to go to nursing, so the Medical Assisting program stood out to me. It was the first step to starting a career and getting my foot in the medical field because I eventually plan on going back to nursing school.” While the correct program helped Rachael make her decision, she credits staff and faculty for helping her succeed. “I love the staff and how they are always willing to help you out if you don’t understand something. I am a better person because I attended WVJC. I also got the job of my dreams with amazing people. I’m working with kids like I always wanted.”

Rachael says that many people at WVJC helped her, starting with the admissions process, moving through classes and finally, landing her externship. She specifically mentioned Rayan Matthews, Samantha Esposito, and Kacey Eagle for their important contributions to her career and life in general. “They were all great teachers who love what they do! Rayan Matthews has affected my life the most because she took her time out to make each and every one of her students feel important and help them in any way possible. I also really enjoyed Samantha Esposito. She has texted and called to check on me a couple times since graduating. Her class was very helpful in teaching us how to deal with the real world.”

Rachael is currently employed at a job she loves! In five years, she wants to complete nursing school to become a Registered Nurse and work in pediatrics so that she can continue fulfilling her dream of working with children every day.

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Medical Assisting Graduate Highlight – Michele Davidson

Michele DavidsonMichele Davidson is a Medical Assisting graduate from WVJC Morgantown. She worked as a Paralegal for 10 years before she started the Clinical Medical Assistant program. “I chose WVJC because they seemed to be my best option. They were very nice, credible, and convenient for me. I had originally chosen the phlebotomy program. I liked that program, the instructors, and the program director so well that I decided to further my career with the Clinical Medical Assistant program.”

Her favorite part about attending WVJC was the convenience of the school and the willingness of the instructors to help out when you don’t understand something.  “Every instructor I had was willing and always had the time to help out. The classes were not so overwhelming that you couldn’t keep up with the courses.” Michele also appreciates what her education has done for her future and the opportunities it will continue to provide. “Attending WVJC has helped me in such a huge way. I never thought that at my age I would be able to do it, but with the convenience and time that WVJC has to offer, I was able to do it!”

Many people helped Michelle reach her goals at WVJC. “I would say that Rayan Matthews and Kacey Eagle have affected my life the most at WVJC. Having known what they have gone through and seeing them at the school every day to help others succeed gives me the will and passion to want to do the same.” Michelle also credits Samantha Esposito, Bryce Adkins, and Matt Hahn for helping her along the way. Looking forward, Michelle plans to use her education in many exciting ways. “I would like to see myself as possibly already being a nurse and maybe even being an instructor, in five years as well helping others learn and teaching them how to have the career they want to have, as I once did.”

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