Tammy Kaylor – Staff Highlight

The chances are if you have not already had courses with Tammy Kaylor as a pharmacy technician student or an allied health student, you will. Tammy is a proud staff member of WVJC Online who takes great pride in sharing her knowledge and expertise with her students. Check out the video below to learn more about Tammy’s background and experience.

To learn more about WVJC Online‘s allied health programs request information here!

Sarah Cruz – Student Highlight

Sarah Cruz, WVJC Morgantown Campus

Senior year is both exciting and stressful. Many high school seniors are debating over what they want to do with the rest of their lives. The golden question for most seniors is where to attend college. Sarah Cruz, a Pharmacy Technician student at West Virginia Junior College Morgantown struggled with that question. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do right after high school, but my mom pushed me to go to school, and I complied.”

Sarah who is originally from Guam started her college career at Guam Community College. Once Sarah started the program, she realized GCC wasn’t the path for her. She decided to call it quits and work full time. “I enjoyed earning my own money and feeling like I had a new freedom.” Time passed, and Sarah made a big decision to move to Seattle with plans to start attending school again. After spending some time in Seattle, Sarah found herself having a hard time settling in. “Moving to a new place, trying to figure myself out, and working full time was too much.” Sarah then thought about moving to West Virginia. “About five months before I moved to West Virginia, I was visiting my cousin who invited me to live with her and go to school at WVJC.”

Sarah decided to meet with an Admissions Representative at WVJC. She loved it, and decided that the Pharmacy Technician program was the program she wanted to pursue. “I wanted a career where I could help people, support myself, and that I could have a great future in.” When asked what she enjoys most about WVJC Morgantown, Sarah said, “The hands on experience. We don’t just learn things by reading out of a book or watching videos. We get to experience everything before we graduate.” Sarah said she enjoys it so much, she would definitely refer her friends to WVJC. “It’s a smaller school, so it’s more intimate and the teachers make themselves available to you as often as possible. It’s nice being able to have that one-on-one help when you need it.”

WVJC Bridgeport Student Highlight: Denise Nicolette

Denise NicolettiDenise Nicolette is a Pharmacy Technician student at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus.

“The WVJC Bridgeport Campus was easy to get to and I they offered the Pharmacy Technician Program, which is what I was very interested in,” Denise explained. “Unemployment statistics quoted an increasing need and growth for Pharmacy and the program sounded very interesting.”

She is thoroughly enjoying WVJC Bridgeport so far. “My favorite part of attending is everything! My brain is so happy!”

Her biggest supporter was Ms. Gilbert, who Denise says had confidence in her when she did not have it in herself. Also, she appreciates the support of Mr. James Jones for showing her the reality from both sides.

The WVJC Pharmacy Technician Program teaches students to prepare chemotherapy and IV antibiotics, manage home infusion, compound creams and capsules, prepare total nutrition mixtures, recognize neonatal and geriatric considerations, maintain controlled substance logs, use ampoule and glass filter syringes, reconstitute antibiotics, calculate flow rates, calculate dosages identify the classification of drugs and understand pharmacy law and patient privacy.

Pharmacy Technicians could work in locations such as retail chain sites, long-term care, home health pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, nuclear pharmacies, in-patient care pharmacies, psychiatric pharmacies and incarceration facility pharmacies.

WVJC Bridgeport begins a new Pharmacy Technician class every six weeks! For more information or to contact an Admissions Representative, visit www.wvjc.edu.

WVJC-Bridgeport Student Highlight: Andrew Ross

Student Highlight: Andrew Ross

Program/ Campus: Pharmacy Technician/WVJC-Bridgeport

1.     Why WVJC?
I decided to go to this college because of the accelerated program. Before I started school at WVJC I just graduated high school at Buckhannon Upshur High. The challenges that I’ve had have been overwhelming. I was homeless while going to college at one point.

2.     What’s next for you?
After I graduate with the degree I hopefully will be able to one day start a family and have my own little American dream.

3.     Is there anyone you wish to thank?
During my struggle there many people there to help me. Yashica Nelms, Rebekah Teter, and Ashley Hauk. They took me in when I was homeless. I can say that the whole WVJC staff have been a family to me. I thank you all for everything!