Sarah Jackson – Graduate Highlight

WVJC is eager to introduce you to one of our 2020 Nursing graduates, Sarah Jackson! Sarah started working toward her goal of working in the medical field by completing the Clinical Medical Assistant program. Upon completing and obtaining employment as a medical assistant at the Pediatric Clinic through WVU Medicine, Sarah realized that she loved the healthcare field. It made her want to further her education to “learn how to help people in more ways!”

When determining where to go to college, Sarah said, “I chose WVJC because they were invested in my success. When I chose to go to nursing school, I wanted that same feeling. That kind of tight-knit feeling is why I would recommend WVJC. The small class sizes make it very personal and having a degree in 18 months was appealing. My instructors were caring and dedicated to making us the best nurses we could be. I also made great friends along the way. My favorite instructor was Joanne! She was so special to all of us and was always there to talk when we were having a tough time.”

A required part of the licensing process in WV is the NCLEX. Sarah expressed how she “felt confident that the program gave me all the information I needed to pass the boards.” The school utilizes classroom instruction, ATI curriculum and HURST review to help students to prepare for the NCLEX. Though ATI was not Sarah’s favorite thing, she said it “really did help me with my critical thinking skills.” When asked if Sarah felt prepared for the NCLEX she exclaimed, “As prepared as anyone can be for the scariest test of their life! I knew if I kept studying I would pass, though.”

Sarah now works on a Trauma floor. “It’s a fantastic place to learn how to be a nurse in the real world and prepare me for any future career changes.” Sarah shared this picture with us after she survived her first night on the trauma floor. Her ideal job is working in an emergency department. Long-term, she hopes to find herself living in Oregon working in an ED (Emergency Department) and “loving my life as a nurse!”

If you are interested in starting nursing school, request information here!

Thankful For Our Students in 2020

At WVJC Morgantown/Online, what we are most thankful for are our students. We are here because of them, and all the work we do is for them. The faculty and staff at WVJC Online and WVJC Morgantown want our students to be successful and believe that they can be. We are so grateful that our online students rise above the challenges they face and aspire to learn more.

Keep reading for messages from WVJC faculty and staff.

Bryce Adkins, Legal Office Assisting Program Director, says, “I am so thankful for my students and for being able to interact with each of you, particularly via video interactions and discussions.”

Kacey Eagle, Allied Health Programs Director, says, “I am thankful for my students who want to take the step and make a difference in their life.” She also shares advice from Beverly Sills who said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Jamie McGuire, Pharmacy Technician Program Director, says, “I would like to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication each of my pharmacy technician students have shown this module. Our program is packed full of specialized medical, clinical, technical and administrative knowledge that takes great commitment to master and each of you have accepted this challenge with enthusiasm. Keep up the hard work! You make me proud!”

Shane Welter, Business Programs Director, says, “I’m thankful for the students because it gives me the opportunity to work with students and professionals in different communities.”

Robin Addis, NAS, IT, and Cybersecurity Program Director says, “I am thankful for the students’ willingness to move outside of their comfort zone and learn new tasks.”

To close, here is a message from your Academic Dean, Rachael Salvucci. “Your dedication to improving your life through education makes all of us here at WVJC work harder to help you reach your goals.  We wish you well as 2020 comes to an end and hope for nothing but a prosperous future.”

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at WVJC!

WVJC Scholarships

Are you interested in gaining a quality education in just a few months without having to worry about breaking the bank? At WVJC, we offer 10 different scholarships for our students to help give them the peace of mind they need to focus on getting their degree!

Keep on reading to learn about all of our scholarships and discover which one is best for you and your needs!

We not only offer general scholarships for all of our students to take advantage of, but we also offer specific ones based on the program you decide on!

Note, our scholarships vary by campus, so some scholarships may not be available at the campus of your choice. Check the catalog of your campus of interest for information.

General Scholarships

No matter if you are a young adult looking to gain more skills for your career, or are a parent looking to get started on your next exciting journey, our general scholarships are for everyone!

  • Academic Success Scholarship
    Based on academic achievement and the credential level of each student.
  • Alumni Legacy Scholarship
    If you have a family member who is an alumnus of WVJC, you are eligible.
  • Career Enhancement Scholarship
    Are you an employee of a local business? We would love to help enhance your skills and boost your value to the workplace!
  • Friends of Coal Scholarship
    This scholarship is given to past and present coal company employees and their families.

Scholarships for Our Nursing Program Students

WVJC offers both registered nursing and practical nursing at select campuses.

  • Nurses Touch Lives Scholarship
    This scholarship is given to qualified nursing students who demonstrate great potential to succeed in a career in nursing.
  • Nursing Pathway Scholarship
    You can have the ability to receive this scholarship if you are a graduate of WVJC’s allied health programs and plan on pursuing a career in nursing.

Scholarships for Students Out of High School

If you are a high school senior or have just graduated, these scholarships are for you.

  • Community Awareness Scholarship
    If you have had an active role in helping make your community better, you are eligible to receive this scholarship.
  • Early Admission Scholarship
    This scholarship is available to high school students who apply to WVJC before November 15th for early admission.
  • Imagine America Scholarship
    Seniors who have been recommended by their guidance counselors can be awarded this scholarship.
  • Stephen A. Callen Memorial Scholarship
    Created in honor of WVJC founder Stephen Callen, this scholarship realizes his vision of promoting quality and affordable education to West Virginia residents.

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Student Highlight – Christle Henderson

Christle HendersonEvery morning, Christle Henderson prays and reads her Bible before heading to the West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown campus.

Christle, a Medical Assisting student who is planning to graduate in November, is also a Children’s Minister at Deer Park Church of God of Prophecy in Oakland, Md.

As a volunteer, she prepares lesson plans, develops games and provides entertainment for the children, along with hosting fundraisers and holiday events.

“Before a test, I pray and ask God to help me to recall the information I need,” Christle said.

When Christle was born, her parents wanted her to put Christ first.

“They named me Christ with an ‘le’ at the end, which to them, meant little Christ,” she said.

At WVJC, Christle learned about other faiths.  She said the study she completed on multiple religions helped her to understand the viewpoints of different students in her classes.

“Basically, I believe that we all follow one God and should follow the Golden Rule.  We learned about different cultures and touched on their backgrounds,” Christle said. “In general, whether it’s race, religion, or whatever, it’s about how the person themselves chooses to live their lives. People choose how to live, regardless of how they’re taught.”

She added that her logic and critical thinking course put into perspective all she believes and has learned so far, along with broadening the way she thinks about the world.

Christle said she liked meeting the faculty and staff and making new friends in the classroom.

As a CNA for eight years, she enjoyed adding new skills, such as ECG and phlebotomy. She would eventually like to become a Registered Nurse.

For new students, and current ones, she advises that they worry more about themselves and their studies instead of complaining about an instructor or what another student is doing. She suggests that students simply accept “how it is” and try to do their best.

“I just want to make a difference and take everything as positive, not negative. Even the bad things can turn out well,” Christle said.  “Always reach for your goals, and then when you reach them, make new ones.”

Christle recently celebrated her 12-year anniversary with husband Jarrad. She has two daughters, Justine, 9, and Josephine, 10.

For more information about the Medical Assisting program, call 304-296-8282 or visit

WVJC Morgantown Staff Highlight: Diane Hevner

WVJC Morgantown Staff HighlightThe face of the front office will celebrate her 16th anniversary Nov. 7, with the West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown campus.

In Sept. 1997, Diane Hevner graduated from the WVJC with a diploma in Office Technology and Office Processing.

“Diane is the first person our potential students hear and see,” said Jessica Nuckles, High School Admissions Representative. “Her demeanor and attitude toward them help to create a positive enrollment experience.”

Jessica added that the staff also sincerely appreciates her dedication to making sure there’s coffee in the morning.

Diane said her favorite thing about her position is interacting with all of the students. She said she also had quite a good time last year with Rodney Murray, now a WVJC Medical Assistant graduate, by putting a large photo of him on the WVJC Christmas tree.

Diane and her husband, Paul, have two daughters, Lori and Debbie, and three grandchildren.  They also have a dog, Peaches, and a cockatoo, Poppins.

“Without Diane in the front office, it’s as if the WVJC comes to a halt,” said Holly Hildreth, WVJC Career Management Director. “She takes care of so many things, and I hope that she realizes that she is an integral part of our organization.”