Student Highlight – Jordan Karickhoff

Jordan KarickhoffJordan Karickhoff is set to graduate at the end of this month with her Associates Degree in Medical Office Administration.  Her excitement to graduate and begin her career is visible every day at the West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus.  Jordan attended West Virginia University immediately following graduating from high school and stayed for one semester. She enjoyed her classes but knew that they would not take her where she wanted to go.

After leaving WVU, she heard about WVJC and scheduled an appointment to learn more about what we offer and the benefits of attending an 18-month program.  Following her first appointment at WVJC, she could not wait to get started in the Medical Office Administration program.  Jordan chose WVJC because “it was a smaller college.” She says “I probably wouldn’t have gone to another college if I had heard about WVJC before.” Jordan loves the thought of working with medical records in a “little cubicle”. She loves computers, and working in the medical field has always been a dream of hers.

Jordan’s favorite part about WVJC is the family like structure and “the amazing friends I have made.  No matter the age difference, we all got along and helped each other out.” Her favorite teacher is Ms. Wygal. Jordan says, “She always made every class she taught fun and interesting; especially the CRA field trip to the cadaver lab in Morgantown.” That was an experience Jordan will always carry with her.

Jordan’s favorite junk food is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and in the next five years Jordan wants to have an amazing career and hopefully meet the “love of her life.”  However, for now, Jordan is happy that she is graduating from WVJC in the next month and has started the process of applying for jobs to begin her career.  Jordan’s ideal job after graduation is at WVU Medicine, and as her teacher I am proud to announce that she has already had two interviews with them.  Her career is looking bright and successful.  Jordan’s favorite quote to live by is “Chase your dreams but always know the road that’ll lead you home again.”

If you, like Jordan are looking for a new exciting career in Medical Office Administration, call 304-842-4007 or Request Info today!!

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Medical Office Management Student Highlight – Robbie Sigley

MORGANTOWN, WV – Robbie Sigley, a 20-year-old from Preston County, decided to attend West Virginia Junior College directly after high school.

Nearly 18 months later, he is six weeks away from obtaining his Medical Office Management degree. Robbie chose Medical Office Management because he enjoys the office environment and the diversity of the patients who visit a hospital or doctor’s office.

“I love surrounding myself with new people,” he said.

Morgantown - Robbie Sigley


Robbie, with a constant smile and a big heart, is a WVJC Student Ambassador.  Ambassadors are selected based on their academic and attendance records, along with their personalities. They organize events and help the faculty and staff.

“I get a lot of one-on-one attention (at the WVJC),” Robbie said. “When I feel like I’m having trouble with something, I talk to Jessica Ewing.”

Jessica, now a Regional Director of Admissions, was Robbie’s admissions representative in 2011.

“She wants to push me and drive me to do my very best. That’s what I really admire about her,” Robbie said.

Robbie added that both the faculty and staff are welcoming, but it’s not just their responsibility to help students learn.

“It’s also yours,” Robbie said. “It’s not going to be effective if you don’t pay attention.”

Robbie’s favorite moment at the WVJC was the mock disaster. The student created a mock accident scenario and treated the patients in the school. The Medical Office Management students were responsible for registering the victims, and the Medical Assistant students diagnosed what was wrong with them.

“What made it memorable was that it introduced a real-life scenario,” Robbie said.  “We could get flooded (by victims) in an office or hospital – this thing really could happen. We had to make sure it was done correctly.”

As graduation nears, Robbie said he feels prepared to enter the workforce.

“The instructors took their time, and it was all worth it,” he said. “I think I’m very prepared.”

Robbie will begin his Medical Office Management externship at a local healthcare facility early in 2013, followed by graduation in February.

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