Molly Connell – Medical Assisting
Graduate to Nursing Student

Molly Connell is a returning graduate from West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport. She began her journey at WVJC in 2015 to pursue her Medical Assisting degree. At that time, Molly knew the medical field was her passion. She checked into WVJC and quickly discovered it was the place for her. Once enrolled and into the classes, she was happy to call this school her home. The small class size and the family-like atmosphere was what she was looking for. Molly said, “It was nice to be a part of a school that everyone in the building cared about your success.”

Molly is a hard-working young lady that is dedicated to many things. She is not only furthering her education for herself, but also setting an example for her two small children. Molly began working as a medical assistant at Stonewall Jackson Hospital, in Weston, shortly after graduating in November 2016.  After working as a medical assistant for some time she applied to a phlebotomy position at United Hospital Center, where she is currently still employed.

As much as she loves her journey and passion for the medical field, Molly knew she had the dedication to go even further. Once WVJC Bridgeport started their Nursing program, she knew that was the path for her. She quickly got in contact with the admissions advisor and began the enrollment process. Molly was accepted into the program. It was easy for the nursing staff to see her dedication and drive. She began classes in June 2020 and has enjoyed the process so far.

When talking to Molly about her day to day responsibilities, it became clear that she is a very organized and goal-driven young lady. Molly is a wife, mother of two children, a phlebotomist at UHC, and a WVJC nursing student. Many people would agree that is a lot. However, she is determined and continues to see the reward and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Molly looks forward to seeing how proud her family is of her when she finishes the Nursing program. In her spare time, she loves playing outside with her kids. She also looks forward to obtaining employment in the ER at UHC once she graduates. She said there are times she gets overwhelmed, but continues to stay focused and refer back to her favorite quote, “Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”

To learn more about WVJC’s nursing program, request information here!

Student Highlight – Michelle Kornegay

Michelle KornegayI decided to attend West Virginia Junior College because it was the only college where I could earn my degree online, which is what I needed at the time. I visited the Morgantown campus and met with Melody who was so nice, helpful and professional.

I am in the Medical Assisting degree program, which I attended previously at another school when I lived in Georgia.

My favorite part about attending school at WVJC so far is how positive and encouraging everyone is! I receive phone calls to check on my progress and emails asking if I need extra help. The staff at WVJC is beyond wonderful. The schools I attended in Georgia and South Carolina cannot compare to WVJC!

I also love being able to work from home. I have a 23 month old and a newborn, and being able to care for them without having to stress about daycare has been great!

My biggest supporter is my husband. He has stood by my side for years even when I quit my last job to return to school, which he was not happy about. Another huge supporter has been my oldest son. He quizzes me on my work, and even helps me at times.

Michelle Kornegay 2I want to especially thank Melody for being so wonderful from day one and for nudging me in the right direction. I want to thank Brittany Nuzzo for encouraging me with her kind and generous words. She is so sweet and caring and it has meant the world to me because I don’t have family and friends close by.

I would also like to thank my clinical instructors, Motiryo Mumpfield and Wendell Bates, for the excellent hands-on training and making clinicals fun while we learn. Last but not least I would like to thank the girls in my clinical class, Reba, Sandra and Tammy. We get along very well and always encourage each other.

I gave birth to my baby boy 4 weeks ago and through it all, Motiryo, Reba, Sandra, Tammy and Ms. Brittany were all checking on me daily and were just so encouraging. There are no words that can explain how much it meant to me!