Medical Assisting Graduate Highlight – Jaclyn Raines

Jaclyn RainesJaclyn Raines enrolled in the Medical Assisting program at WVJC in 2016. She has always been interested in the medical field and was ready pursue a career in it! Before attending West Virginia Junior College-Charleston, Jaclyn was a cosmetologist and a full time mother. She chose to attend WVJC because of the flexibility and the option to do classes online or on ground.

When asked what her favorite part of attending WVJC was she said, “My favorite part is not only getting to pursue me degree in the medical field, but also meeting a great staff that felt more like family. I enjoyed every class and the knowledge I gained from each one. In five years I would love to be finished with my RN degree and established in a new home with my family.”

For fun, Jaclyn loves going on adventures with her son and always enjoys pizza! Since graduation, Jaclyn has been working as a medical assistant at a clinic in the Charleston area and she loves it!

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Medical Assistant Graduate Highlight – Julie Bernet

BRIDGEPORT, WV – Julie Bernet, a medical assistant graduate who now works at Whitehall Medical, chose to attend West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport because she said she believed she could get good training in a reasonable amount of time.

“I heard good things about the MA program and always wanted to be in the medical field,” Julie said.

Julie Bernet

Her favorite part of the medical program was the hand-on training, which she said prepared her for her career.

The faculty’s willingness to always help and the supportive environment stood out during her time at WVJC Bridgeport. The program coordinator and lab instructors were always available when she needed them, she said.

Now working as medical assistant, Julie is able to help people, and loves the people she works with, as well as the environment.

“(It) has given me a great sense of pride in myself and my career, and knowing that I am making a difference in others lives as well,” Julie said.

After her experience, Julie would recommend the college and medical assisting program to anyone.

“Being a single parent was difficult and the support and encouragement from everyone helped me succeed,” Julie said.

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