Kim Morrison – Graduate Highlight

Kim Morrison was born and raised in a little town in Texas. She came to West Virginia in 1993 to go to school but life had a different plan. She has been married for 17 years to her one and only love, David. Kim is also a loving and wonderful mother to her two children, Zoe and Elijah.  Life has taught her many things, but her family holds the key to her success.

Kim had plans to go to school but chose to stay home to care for her children instead. Once Kim’s children reached an age of independence, she began to wonder what to do with herself. After some thought, Kim took advantage of a free class to earn her certification as a CNA, which led her to begin working at United Hospital Center, in Bridgeport as a Patient Care Assistant. “I fell in love with the work. I feel like working in the medical field was what I was born to do.”

As Kim worked and continued to love the medical field, another worker told her about West Virginia Junior College. At that moment she knew she wanted to learn more. “I needed to learn more about the school and the hands-on 18-month program they had to offer.” Kim quickly made the choice that WVJC was her path and was going to be the college that helped her to succeed in her next adventure.

For Kim, picking the program she was most interested in was easy. “I chose medical assisting so that I could take my time and learn the basics of nursing from the ground up.” She enjoyed her opportunity to spread her wings in a school that she could trust. “It was a great opportunity to learn with only a small number of students, yet large enough in knowledge.” This was all very exciting for Kim and she described it as “finding a diamond in the rough.”

Kim said she enjoyed all the courses and instructors at WVJC and she can’t pick a favorite. “Each class had its learning curves and without the teachers that were teaching it, I don’t know if I would have excelled as I did.”

After graduating from WVJC, Kim was offered a job at Health Access Inc. Health Access is a free and charitable clinic for those under-insured or who have no insurance at all. Kim proudly said, “We here at Health Access have the ability to help those that cannot get help otherwise. All walks of life enter the clinic and yet they are all treated with kindness, patience, and caring, that at times they may not see. I do more than assist in the medical area of the clinic, I have learned to work the business side as well, and thanks to WVJC I know what to expect. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t count my blessings for my path leading to Health Access.”

Kim offered some advice for those that are thinking about WVJC or for those that are in one of the programs now. “Show up. Be on time. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to learn and to keep your parachute of a mind open.  It will be a challenging experience with huge rewards at the end.”

Kim would like to leave you with “wonderful advice” of Dr. Seuss “You have the brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

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Jasmine Martin – Student Highlight

Jasmine Martin is an online Clinical Medical Assistant student at WVJC. Before attending WVJC, she attended a local community college and had a great experience. However, it did not offer a medical assisting program, which is what Jasmine really wanted to do.

Before Jasmine enrolled at WVJC Online, she worked full time as a stay-at-home mother. While she loved being a stay-at-home mom, she also always dreamed of working in the medical field. She wanted to be in a profession that would allow her to help others and have a career that would help her feel good about what she does. Jasmine chose WVJC because she wanted to be able to achieve the career goals she set for herself, but also wanted to continue to stay home with her child while going to school. The online program at WVJC has helped her make great strides in accomplishing both of these goals.

Jasmine loves the instructors at WVJC because they are kind, caring, and fully dedicated to helping her achieve her goals and excel in her career. Vicki and Chelsea, Jasmine’s clinical instructors were her favorites in the program. They made sure to give her all the information and constructive criticism she needed to succeed, and they also fostered a fun learning environment. Jasmine has enjoyed her WVJC experience so much that she has even recommended it to friends in hopes that they will also get the great experience she had and the opportunity to accomplish their goals as well.

In the future, Jasmine would like to come back to WVJC to attend the Nursing program and become a Registered Nurse. She hopes to fulfill this goal and become an RN within the next five years.

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Haley Travis – Graduate Highlight

Meet Haley Travis, our graduate highlight for this week! Haley graduated from WVJC’s Medical Assisting program in June 2018. She enjoyed her time at WVJC Charleston very much and was thrilled with her experience in the MA program.

Haley works for the Cabin Creek Health System’s school-based clinics in eastern Kanawha County. She works side-by-side with the school nurse and the school counselor onsite, using a variety of skills she learned in the MA program at WVJC.

Haley says the WVJC staff were amazing to her and helped her with life-changing events she experienced while enrolled in school. Haley said she “was able to stick with the program because the staff cared so much about me.” Haley emphasized that the staff actively assisted with course work, financial aid, and graduate requirements. “They support you if you try and they support you even when you don’t know how you will do it.”

WVJC creates a supportive, family oriented environment for students to succeed. Haley said that even among the students, there was so much support and encouragement. “We had study groups, Facebook groups, and anything we could do together to help each other,” she beamed. At WVJC, students in programs together often develop strong bonds and lasting friendships. Haley said she often thinks about her time at WVJC and the support she received.

Haley rotates through different clinic sites each day throughout the week. Working within the schools, Haley has become a specialist in opioid addiction family care, not just assessing the ill students. A large part of her job is to help students who are dealing with the devastating opioid crisis when they feel they don’t have anyone else to talk to. Cabin Creek Health Systems has made strides in supporting families through this health crisis, by providing onsite counseling for at-risk elementary and middle school students who have had addiction issues at home.

This wasn’t the first job Haley had out of school. Like many graduates, she tried other jobs and wanted to find the perfect fit. Haley said that she wasn’t looking for this particular position and she fell into it when she heard about a clinic spot opening. “I didn’t know about such a job, or anything else I would be doing, except for the medical part. I love that part of the job as a medical assistant. I didn’t know I would be interacting with the students as a counselor, but I’m so glad I’m able to be there for them.”

When asked about the counseling portion of her job, Haley speaks enthusiastically about her interactions with the students. “I will speak to them and let them know that someone cares about them and their situation.” Haley said the school and the board of education are aware of these issues and try to support the students as well, but more is needed because it’s such a huge problem.

When asked what part of her training at WVJC has helped her in this position, Haley said her time in her Medical Ethics class. “I talk to the kids and help them understand the situation, but also let them know they have opportunities too, “she said. Haley stressed that the best she can do for students is to be there for them when they feel no one cares. Haley also noted that the Lab course was very helpful in her daily work with medical assessments and follow-ups.

Haley has several schools she goes to in the area, and she is responsible for assisting with overall medical care in each one. The counseling part has come about because of the needs of kids in crisis. Haley mentioned there are needs for more positions and people like her to help students from the fallout of the opioid epidemic.

When asked what inspired her to pursue a career in medical assisting, Haley said her grandmother was a registered nurse. She admired her grandma for going above and beyond her regular duties as a nurse. “Instead of charting and going back to the desk, my grandma would sit with the nursing home residents, because sometimes no one else would be there for them to talk to. She would reach out to them and take care of them.” Haley said she had the opportunity to shadow her grandma once while in middle school and was inspired to follow in her footsteps. Haley carries a lot of what her grandmother taught her, and still carries her grandma’s stethoscope into the schools to provide care and counseling, just as her grandma did.

If you’re inspired to carry on a tradition of caring like Haley has, consider a fast track path to success that starts at WVJC. We offer many programs that can put you in a position to give back to your community and beyond. Request information now to get started today!

Dalerae Stocker – Student Highlight

Have you ever felt lost?  Have you ever felt like you needed a change in career paths, but just don’t know where to start?  This is how Dalerae felt before she decided to contact WVJC Online.  When her admissions advisor first called her, Dalerae recalls, “She actually listened to me and knew how to make my hope a reality!”  From that day forward, Dalerae has been working diligently toward her goal of becoming a Medical Assistant.  Her goal is to help people.   She is currently a Social Worker. However, there is not much positive change in that role.  The daily, positive change, no matter how small, is what she craves.

This is a feeling she has had before.  In fact, Dalerae has tried numerous times to complete her education without success.  “My first college was OU, and the classes were much too large to get the one on one that I needed. My second college was the University of Rio Grande. The classes were small, but they didn’t have the ability to work around my work schedule. My third was Indiana Wesleyan. It was also online, but lacked the communication I needed.”  Then she found WVJC Online.  The online program that WVJC offered fit all of her needs, so she took the leap.

Almost a year into her time at WVJC Online, Dalerae is doing great in the Clinical Medical Assistant Program.   She is supported by the faculty and staff and is able to openly communication even the smallest of questions.  Dalerae’s favorite part of her online program at WVJC is the ability to get in touch with faculty at any point, which encourages her to ask more questions, which translates into more success.  The ability to find assistance quickly and easily from instructors has made the classes that much easier to understand. She also enjoys the flexibility that the online courses at WVJC offer.  Everything has a due date, but you are able to easily complete the assignments around your work and family schedule.

After graduation, Dalerae would ideally like to work as a Medical Assistant in a Pediatric office. She plans on continuing her education in the future while working with children.

A few tips from Dalerae are: Log into your online campus daily at the same time to avoid procrastination.  Also, stick to your schedule.  These two things can help tremendously when dealing with daily life while completing an online program.

Clinical Medical Assistant Program Highlight

group of medical students with instructor in lab

The Clinical Medical Assistant program at West Virginia Junior College is an 18-month associate degree program. In those 18 months, students learn how to take patient vital signs, draw blood, give injections, perform and read EKGs, assist with medical examinations and more! As a part of the Clinical Medical Assistant program, each student completes an externship. During these externships, students have an opportunity to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in a professional setting. After completing all coursework, the students take the CCMA- Medical Assistant Certification through the National Healthcareer Association.

Medical Assisting Graduate Highlight – Michele Davidson

Michele DavidsonMichele Davidson is a Medical Assisting graduate from WVJC Morgantown. She worked as a Paralegal for 10 years before she started the Clinical Medical Assistant program. “I chose WVJC because they seemed to be my best option. They were very nice, credible, and convenient for me. I had originally chosen the phlebotomy program. I liked that program, the instructors, and the program director so well that I decided to further my career with the Clinical Medical Assistant program.”

Her favorite part about attending WVJC was the convenience of the school and the willingness of the instructors to help out when you don’t understand something.  “Every instructor I had was willing and always had the time to help out. The classes were not so overwhelming that you couldn’t keep up with the courses.” Michele also appreciates what her education has done for her future and the opportunities it will continue to provide. “Attending WVJC has helped me in such a huge way. I never thought that at my age I would be able to do it, but with the convenience and time that WVJC has to offer, I was able to do it!”

Many people helped Michelle reach her goals at WVJC. “I would say that Rayan Matthews and Kacey Eagle have affected my life the most at WVJC. Having known what they have gone through and seeing them at the school every day to help others succeed gives me the will and passion to want to do the same.” Michelle also credits Samantha Esposito, Bryce Adkins, and Matt Hahn for helping her along the way. Looking forward, Michelle plans to use her education in many exciting ways. “I would like to see myself as possibly already being a nurse and maybe even being an instructor, in five years as well helping others learn and teaching them how to have the career they want to have, as I once did.”

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Medical Assisting Graduate Highlight – Heather Evans

Heather Evans

Heather Evans is a West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport student graduating in February of 2018.  This date is rapidly approaching which makes her graduation more of a reality.  Heather did not attend any other college before coming to WVJC.  She always knew furthering her education was something that she was interested in, but couldn’t quite make it a reality until her son started school.

Prior to enrolling at WVJC, Heather worked as the head cook in a large daycare facility.  She wasn’t completely happy with her job and salary, so she started thinking about pursuing the education she always knew she wanted.  When asked why she chose WVJC, Heather said, “A friend of mine had been posting pictures on Facebook of her new friends and ‘family’ with WVJC, which prompted me to ask her about the school and get some information.”  Heather was initially interested in the Pharmacy Technician and Medical Office Administration programs.  However, after getting more information and thinking it over, she decided on the Clinical Medical Assistant program.  She said, “I wanted to be more hands-on and involved with the patients.” Heather is passionate about her field of study and wants to make sure that her future patients get the care they deserve.

During Heather’s experience at WVJC Bridgeport, she says she was “surrounded by instructors and fellow students who were always pushing me to succeed and encouraging me along the way. The small classes make you feel more at ease and comfortable.” Heather has grown fond of all the WVJC instructors along the way.  She says, “All of them are my favorite—each in their own way.” She says every instructor has helped her on this journey.

After graduation, Heather would like to work in a small doctor’s office or hospital that, “values patient care as much as I do, has room for advancements and has great co-workers.” In five years, Heather would like to be settled in a career that she can eventually retire from comfortably and would like to be spending as much time with her son as she can along with way.

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Clinical Medical Assistant Graduate Highlight – Katlyn Gandee

Katlyn Gandee

Katlyn Gandee is a Clinical Medical Assistant graduate from WVJC Morgantown. She graduated from Parkersburg South High School in 2014. Before attending WVJC, Katlyn attended West Virginia University at Parkersburg for a year and a half. “They seemed to care a little, but it was really up to you if you went to class every day or not. I didn’t like that I couldn’t take classes that were for my major and what I had planned to do for my career.”  She then knew that it wasn’t the place for her to continue her education and decided to check into WVJC to see what they offered.

After checking out the programs, she picked the Clinical Medical Assistant program because ever since she was a young girl she was interested in doing something in the medical field so that she could help others. “Before attending college, I worked at Sweet Frog (a frozen yogurt shop). I knew I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. After I worked there, I stayed with my great aunt who has Alzheimer’s.” Katlyn points to that moment as the time in which she found her calling and knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Her favorite part about WVJC was that all the teachers were willing to help her in any way that they could. “The teachers always found time to help and answer questions that I had about classwork or homework. Everyone cared and wanted you to be successful.” Katlyn specifically points to Rayan Matthews, her program director, as one of her biggest supporters. “She always had faith in me and was telling me that I could do it!” Rayan would remind Katlyn that everything was going to be okay and to stop stressing out when she got too overwhelmed.

Katlyn liked many other things about WVJC, particularly getting the hands-on experience (via her medical labs and externship at WVU Occupational Medicine) for what she would be doing out in her career.

When Katlyn isn’t working, she enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends. “I want to thank my family for always being there and supporting me the whole way through and always telling me to stay positive.”

Her advice for new students is that if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. The instructors will help you in any way they can. “The hardest obstacle was staying positive and reminding myself that I could do it even when there were times I thought I couldn’t. Staying positive really paid off in the end.” Katlyn is now working at Ruby Memorial Hospital as a phlebotomist.

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Medical Assisting Student Highlight – Katie Starcher

Katie StarcherKatie Starcher is a student at West Virginia Junior College- Charleston. She is enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant program. At the time Katie decided to enroll at WVJC, she was working part time at a minimum wage job. She didn’t like the way her life was going and knew that she was the only one who could change that.

One thing Katie loves about WVJC is that the programs are only 18 months long, so they don’t take years to finish. “The Medical Assisting program sets you up with everything you are going to need to know when you are starting your career.” Katie’s favorite teacher is Mrs. B and her favorite thing about attending WVJC is making new friends.

When asked about her idea of a perfect day, Katie said “Spending the entire day doing fun things with my children.” In the future, Katie would like to be working in a pediatrician’s office and to just be happy, overall

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Medical Assisting Student Highlight – Tyler Chinchilla

Tyler ChinchillaTyler Chinchilla is a West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport student who is looking forward to graduating in a few months.  He will be graduating with an associate degree in the Clincial Medical Assistant program.  Before attending WVJC, Tyler attended North Marion High School.  When his senior year rolled around, he started thinking about his future and tried to narrow down what he was passionate about.  After meeting with Kristin Kirk, the WVJC High School Admissions Representative, he felt that WVJC was the right path for him. He said, “I wanted something in the medical field, but I didn’t want to spend the next four years taking general education courses, so 18 months in the Medical Assisting field was the right fit for me.”

He chose the Clinical Medical Assistant program because he wanted to help others and give back to people of all ages. He said, “Working in healthcare makes a difference in people’s lives.  Caring for people and helping others lead healthy lives is satisfying and important to me.”  The education that Tyler is receiving from WVJC makes all the difference with his lifelong goal. When discussing WVJC’s atmosphere, he said, “The fact that everyone here is like a big family, that makes learning fun.”

Mr. Cutright is Tyler’s favorite WVJC instructor.  His way of teaching is something he had never encountered before.  “He is a very informal, but professional in his teaching methods.  By the time you leave his classes, you’re filled with knowledge.”  Now that Tyler has almost completed the Medical Assisting program, he is confident that his ideal job is in family medicine, so that he can work with everyone from adults to children.  In five years, Tyler hopes to see himself working in family medicine and going back to school for nursing.  His lifelong goal is to be a nurse practitioner and continue to give to others the care they deserve in the medical field.

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