Donna Hendrickson – Graduate Highlight

Donna Hendrickson, CCMA, is a graduate of the Clinical Medical Assistant program at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus. She originally heard of WVJC from a radio ad and decided to look into the campus. After she visited the campus, she decided to enroll in the program. Donna was always dedicated to her work, grades, and attendance record while a student, and because of that, Donna graduated in August of 2020 with her associate degree and obtained her National Healthcareer Association, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) certification.

After graduation, she went on to work at the Clarksburg Health Department, where she was working alongside the staff in the fight against COVID-19. While working, Donna decided that she wanted to go back to school for nursing, so she contacted WVJC Bridgeport to further her education. In January of 2021, Donna utilized the bridge program between the Clinical Medical Assistant program and Practical Nursing program to further her career from CMA to Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)*.

Donna says, “I cannot express how much the CMA program changed my life. I would not be accomplishing all that I am in the LPN program without that foundational knowledge.”

Donna’s favorite parts of WVJC are the instructors, the small campus, and how supportive everyone is to each other. She says, “Even after you leave, the instructors like to hear of your news and adventures in your new career.” The instructors that made the biggest impact in her life during her studies as a CMA student were Mrs. Syrews and Ms. Holyfield. In her current studies as a practical nursing student, Ms. Prusa, and Mrs. Foster.

In five years, Donna would like to be in a job that she enjoys, where she is helping patients and making their experience in a medical setting the best it can be, whether it’s working as a school nurse or an LPN in an outpatient setting.

When asked if Donna would recommend WVJC to a friend, Donna smiled and said, “I would definitely recommend WVJC to a friend. There is great support, encouragement, and career guidance if you are willing to commit to studying and attending classes.”

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*Passing the NCLEX-PN exam is required to become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Cheyenne Bolden – Student Highlight

Cheyenne is a 2017 graduate of Liberty High School. While in high school, Cheyenne participated in numerous sports, worked two jobs to fund her summer travels, was a member of the National Honor Society, and enjoyed attending the Friday night football games. She took college classes during her senior year in high school as well.

WVJC was Cheyenne’s choice to jump start her career because she loves the small class sizes and being able to know the teachers one on one. She also loves that the teachers offer free tutoring after class and even in the mornings before class. Currently enrolled in the LPN program, Cheyenne is 21 years old and loves to spend her summers traveling across the globe.

There are many things that Cheyenne loves about her student experience at WVJC. “The library is always open and available when I need to use it. I enjoy being able to ask questions and get answers in a quick time frame. I feel like a person here and not just a number,” said Cheyenne.

When asked who her favorite teacher is so far, Cheyenne said it has been Mrs. Wilson because she has the ability to reach out to students and relay the information in a manner everyone can understand. She is really good at re-explaining something if someone doesn’t understand and uses relatable examples.

“From the time I started my journey here, the teachers and staff have always gone out of their way to make things as easy and smooth as possible. Nursing school is hard enough, it’s nice to have teachers and staff in your corner when things get tough,” said Cheyenne.

Currently, Cheyenne is in the mental health clinical rotation and part of her class has been going to Highland and observing. “I really enjoy mental health nursing, but I imagine it’s very hard at the same time,” said Cheyenne.

Cheyenne is working on finishing up her externship hours at Fairmont Health and Rehab. “I truly love it there. I am hoping to work there with a graduate license until I take and pass my boards. Once that happens, I really hope to secure a PRN job there while planning some much-needed travel plans,” said Cheyenne.

In the future, Cheyenne plans to go back to school and obtain her RN degree. She hopes to become a travel nurse for a few years after getting her RN and once she settles down, she is considering becoming a flight nurse.

Cheyenne’s advice for others is to “not give up, even when you think it’s the only option. In the end, you’re only setting yourself back and keeping yourself from reaching the goals you set out to achieve.”

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LPN Graduate Highlight – Vannessa Crim

Vannessa CrimAs we kick off a new year here at WVJC-Bridgeport we sat down with one of our December 2016 Licensed Practical Nurse graduates, Vannessa Crim. Vannessa toured many colleges after her high school, hoping to find one that fit her college expectations. Vannessa was looking for a small community college that would know her by her name where she was not just a number. Her first step toward making the decision was meeting with the High School Admissions Representative Adam Pratt. He clearly explained the process and the dynamics of the school. The next step for Vannessa was meeting with the LPN Director; Lisa McDonald, whom made her feel comfortable. Vannessa quickly figured out she was in the right hands once she saw Lisa’s personality and the compassion that she had as the LPN Director. After meeting Lisa, she knew she was not only choosing the right college but the right field. WVJC was going to allow her to combine her love of science and compassion for others in the path to becoming a nurse.

Vannessa enrolled into the program and started her journey. This included a lot of long nights and headaches, but she always had the desire to learn just a little more. Time passed quickly as she progressed through the program. Her favorite part of the LPN program at WVJC was the large amount of hands-on experience during clinicals’ (after all she is a hands on learner). Vannessa quickly connected with her instructor, Pam Wilson because her dedication to the nursing field and the WVJC students. Her confidence quickly heightened as she continued to get words of encouragement from Mrs. Wilson and other WVJC staff members. Vannessa’s favorite words of advice from Pam were, “Get better, better than you were yesterday.” Her class of choice was Med-Surge. This class drew close to her heart because it covered material from the beginning of life to the care of a dying patient.

The idea of Vannessa’s perfect day is beginning her day working in a Wound Care Clinic with the sick and showing compassion towards the ones in need. Then ending her day with dinner and movie with her supportive sister. In five years she would like to be a more independent person, successfully working in her desired career and working toward her BSN.

When asked what advice would you give an upcoming WVJC student? Her advice was, “find out what area you are the most passionate about and excel at it and go for it.” “Make the year about yourself, use the resources available to you and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

Looking back on the previous year Vannessa was not only excited about her new upcoming adventures but thankful she chose WVJC because she knew it was a place she could always call home.

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