Jenna Miller – Student Highlight

West Virginia Junior College is Jenna Miller’s first college experience. Currently working as a CNA, Jenna chose the Legal Office Assisting program “to take a different career path.” When Jenna reflected on why she chose WVJC, she stated, “it works with my schedule, and I still have time for my personal life while getting an education.”

WVJC prepares their students for success in and out of the classroom, so much that Jenna said, “My favorite part about attending WVJC is having all the resources I need even while being an online student.” Our wonderful instructors actively and consistently do their best to support our students in every way possible. Jenna had this to say about her favorite instructor “Mr. Bryce Adkins (Legal Office Assisting Program Director) is my favorite because he is there when I need something explained or extra help; he’s there no matter the time.”

Jenna began her courses here at WVJC in February 2021. Jenna’s journey won’t stop at WVJC though; she is planning to go back to school to further her education, as well. Despite her high aspirations for the future, Jenna is very excited about the rest of her journey here at WVJC, stating, “the staff members are great, and you can make a schedule that works for you.” Upon graduating from WVJC, Jenna aspires to be “working as a legal assistant for a criminal defense lawyer.”

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Thankful For Our Students in 2020

At WVJC Morgantown/Online, what we are most thankful for are our students. We are here because of them, and all the work we do is for them. The faculty and staff at WVJC Online and WVJC Morgantown want our students to be successful and believe that they can be. We are so grateful that our online students rise above the challenges they face and aspire to learn more.

Keep reading for messages from WVJC faculty and staff.

Bryce Adkins, Legal Office Assisting Program Director, says, “I am so thankful for my students and for being able to interact with each of you, particularly via video interactions and discussions.”

Kacey Eagle, Allied Health Programs Director, says, “I am thankful for my students who want to take the step and make a difference in their life.” She also shares advice from Beverly Sills who said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Jamie McGuire, Pharmacy Technician Program Director, says, “I would like to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication each of my pharmacy technician students have shown this module. Our program is packed full of specialized medical, clinical, technical and administrative knowledge that takes great commitment to master and each of you have accepted this challenge with enthusiasm. Keep up the hard work! You make me proud!”

Shane Welter, Business Programs Director, says, “I’m thankful for the students because it gives me the opportunity to work with students and professionals in different communities.”

Robin Addis, NAS, IT, and Cybersecurity Program Director says, “I am thankful for the students’ willingness to move outside of their comfort zone and learn new tasks.”

To close, here is a message from your Academic Dean, Rachael Salvucci. “Your dedication to improving your life through education makes all of us here at WVJC work harder to help you reach your goals.  We wish you well as 2020 comes to an end and hope for nothing but a prosperous future.”

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at WVJC!

Tammy Chewning – Student Highlight

Tammy Chewning is a Legal Office Assisting student at WVJC Morgantown and a member of the Student Government Association.  Like most students at WVJC, this is not her first attempt at college, but she has found a college that fits her needs and goals. “I love the staff and faculty. The experience they bring to the classroom is exemplary and if you need anything, they are right there to help, both personally and professionally.”

Tammy came to WVJC looking to continue her medical career. However, upon a closer look at the program offerings, decided that the Legal Office Assisting program would be a better fit.  “(Before WVJC) I worked as an EMT.  I started off in a medical program, but with the guidance of my instructors, I changed my program of interest to Legal Office Assisting.”  She credits two faculty members with this guidance.  Bryce Adkins and Dustin Blankenship have been instrumental in Tammy’s success at WVJC.  “Bryce and Dustin are always there as a sounding board for me. (They) listen when I need it and are always there when I have questions.”

Tammy has been greatly impacted by the faculty at the WVJC campus.  She had attended online school in the past, but having face-to-face communication with faculty, and instant feedback when she needs it has been vital to her success.  Tammy wants to work in a law firm upon graduation and looks forward to a career that affords her the ability to vacation occasionally.  When asked where she wants to be in five years, she said “On a beach somewhere.”

Tammy has enjoyed her experience at WVJC so much, that she recommended WVJC to a friend who is also now a student.

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Rachel McAllister – Student Highlight

West Virginia Junior College strives to create relationships with our students and community.  It is so important, that we consider it to be a core value within our school.  Rachel McAllister felt this very early on in her program with us.  Rachael came to WVJC after attempting post-secondary education at other institutions.  Like many of our students, she did not find an environment that helped her be successful.  We asked her why she chose WVJC and she said, “The culture seems a lot more conducive to my personality, and I love the ‘family’ feel among the staff and students.”  She went on to highlight the fact that our short-term, career-focused programs would allow her to get into a career more quickly.  “I won’t spend a bunch of time completing unrelated courses, as I have done at other institutions I have attended.”

Rachael is in WVJC’s Legal Office Assisting program and is a member of the Student Government Association. “I have always had an interest in law and the legal system,” McAllister said, “but I didn’t think law school was the right fit for me.”  Rachael said that after doing her research, WVJC’s Legal Office Assisting program would provide opportunities in the legal field that were a “perfect fit” for her.

The welcoming environment has been her favorite part about WVJC.  “I’ve been able to connect with other students and my teachers in ways I just hadn’t been able to anywhere else.  I feel like I’m really making friends and I matter to my instructors.”

Rachael has found herself in a learning environment that suits her, and has allowed her to excel.  She has been an integral part of WVJC’s Student Government Association and is a great student in her program. If Rachael’s story sounds familiar to you, and you would like to learn more about WVJC’s Legal Office Assisting program, visit or call 304-296-8282 today!

Mapleshire – Externship Highlight

Mapleshire is a skilled nursing center located in Morgantown, WV. It serves patients in Monongalia County and its surrounding areas. West Virginia Junior College and Mapleshire have created a relatively new partnership that has continued to grow over the last two years.  Mapleshire accepts students from the Business Administration, Medical Office Administration, and Clinical Medical Assistant programs and is moving towards accepting Legal Office Assisting and Medical Coding students as they continue to expand. Their management consulting teaches the students about administrative services that support healthcare firms so they are best able to provide senior care across the region. With 17 skilled nursing facilities across West Virginia and 9 home health and hospice facilities in West Virginia and Ohio, they expect to expand even more in 2020.

When a student completes their externship with Mapleshire, they learn how to assist with the administrative process and case management which includes authorizations from insurance. This provides a wide range of knowledge to the student from the business side of healthcare.

As the case management aspect of Mapleshire continues to expand, students may start to see more full-time opportunities arise from their externship, which will lead to a great foundation for their career. Jessica Davis, a graduate of West Virginia Junior College, is now an administrative assistant and has a few words of advice for future graduates. “Keep an open mind and you never know where your career may lead you.”

Ashly Ash – Student Highlight

Ashly Ash is a student in WVJC Online’s Legal Office Assisting program. Like so many others, Ashly opted to attend a college that was not so close to home. After spending some time there she decided that it was not the best fit for her at that time in her life. She then found herself enrolled at a local college here in West Virginia. However, due to some medical issues, she had to put her education aside and focus on her health. While Ashly had completely different experiences at each school that she had attended and felt as if she had learned a great amount, she was not able to fulfill her goal of earning her degree…until now.

Ashly chose to attend WVJC Online for several reasons. “One of the main reasons was because of the way that the staff at WVJC made me feel welcome and encouraged me. They made me feel that this was something that I could accomplish and that I would have their support the entire time.” Ashly also mentioned that the fast track approach to receiving her degree was something that was important to her. “Being a single mom, time is something that I barely have enough of, let alone time for myself.” Ashly says that the way WVJC Online structures their curriculum was exactly what she was looking for in a school.

Working in the legal field was something that Ashly felt that she was meant to do, but she was not exactly sure how to pursue that career until she came across this program. “It was exactly what I was looking for!” Ashly’s favorite class so far has been Criminal Law. She has always enjoyed anything that has to do with crime such as TV shows and documentaries, but learning the ins and outs of it all has truly spiked her interest. “This course had made me excited to continue learning. I have enjoyed all of my classes so far which means that I have found the right path for me.” In five years, Ashly is hoping to have a successful career with her beautiful family by her side supporting her. She hopes to find a place to work that she looks forward to going to every day. She wants something that is going to challenge her and allow her to grow, both professionally and personally.

“I will refer anyone to go to WVJC because of the amazing experience I have had so far. Not only do you get an amazing education, but you also get a whole team behind you to support and guide you every step of the way, which for me, is so important.” –Ashly Ash

Olivia Varner – Graduate Highlight

Olivia Varner graduated from the Legal Office Assisting program on August 5, 2018. WVJC Online was her number one choice and her first college experience. She would become the first one out of her family to attend a college. Oliva knew right away that WVJC Online was the right fit for her because of the option for online classes, mobile access, and the campuses proximity to her house.  She was working full time at WVU Medicine as a unit clerk in the NICU unit, so an online program was her best option.

Olivia chose the Legal Office Assisting program because of her passion for her patients and their inspiring stories. Intrigued by the investigative aspect of her job, she knew she could do more to help. Olivia began researching and came across paralegal jobs. She looked into the field more and it clicked. This was her ideal job and what she wanted to make a career of! Olivia was so excited to get started and said that everyone at WVJC was super helpful! Her favorite teacher, hands down, was Bryce Adkins. He was very relatable and has the ability to connect with his students on a different level. He was great about reaching out to make sure his students were understanding the material. She even had the opportunity to meet and work with his wife, which she said was a wonderful experience. Her favorite part of attending WVJC Online was the weekly discussions. They gave her the ability to interact and build relationships with her classmates, and it was really nice to see their input on the topics.

Since graduation, Olivia has landed her dream job working for the Law Offices of Kelly R. Reed PLLC as a paralegal assistant. She really enjoys developing customer relationships and loves working for Kelly. She can see herself continuing to incorporate her legal office assisting training, along with all the new skills she has acquired so she can focus more on the paralegal aspect of the job. Olivia quotes, “I had such a great experience at WVJC Online that I would recommend this college to anyone who needs to continue their education in an online capacity.”

Richia Riggleman – Student Highlight

“It’s magic how much you can do when you believe in yourself and have great support!” – Richia Riggleman, WVJC-Morgantown student

A side effect of success is an appreciation of the journey to get there. Often times, it’s not just one event, one person, or one thing that made the journey better, but rather the journey itself. WVJC specializes in fast track programs designed to get you out and working in a career in a short time frame. The best-kept secret, though, is that we also specialize in creating relationships with our students that help guide them to success. This blog is about one such relationship.

Richia Riggleman is a student at WVJC Morgantown, studying in the Legal Office Assisting program. Since beginning her program, she has earned a 4.0 GPA, feels accomplished, and has more confidence in her abilities as a student. However, to understand Richia’s journey, you have to go back to the beginning.

When Richia graduated from high school, she made the same decision that many do in her shoes, and went to the biggest school she could find, following friends in the process. After a couple of years, she realized that she had not been in a position to take college seriously enough and it had taken a toll on her in many ways. Richia decided to take some time off and work to try to get by, but after a while, none of it seemed to be working.

It was at about this moment that she started looking into going back to school. She was discouraged after her previous experience, but after quite a bit of communication with Matt in WVJC’s admissions department, she decided to give it a go. In addition to working with Matt, Richia also worked with the financial aid department. “The financial aid staff did everything they could to get me back into classes and further my career,” Riggleman said.

Once in classes, Richia found herself in a different sort of environment than she was used to. Her favorite part of school so far, in fact, is the confidence she has gained as a student. “At other colleges, I just felt discouraged and felt like they were not the right fit.”

With time and hard work, and the relationships developed with Legal Office Assistant Program Director, Bryce Adkins, and Academic Dean, Brittany Nuzzo, Richia has grown into an outstanding student and leader. It’s not just the support at the school though, Richia cites family and close friends as assistants to her success. Specifically, her Mom and partner, Harry, have kept her spirits high and helped her outside of class to be sure she had what she needs to be successful.

In Richia’s own words, “It’s magic how much you can do when you believe in yourself and have great support!” We are all so proud of Richia!

If you have ever been in similar shoes and thought giving college another try was the right thing for you…but did not know how to get started, here is your chance!  Who knows, maybe it will be your story we are telling next…..

House of Delegates Visit WVJC Morgantown Campus

The WVJC Legal Office Assisting Program hosted the entire Monongalia County delegation of the WV House of Delegates on July 15th, 2019, including Delegates Barbara Evans Fleischauer, Evan Hansen, Rodney Pyles, Danielle Walker, and John Williams.

The purpose of this visit was for the LOA students to present their research and proposed legislation concerning their Lead Paint Abatement and Tax Incentive program. The students have worked diligently over the last several weeks preparing for this opportunity which showed during their presentation and subsequent meetings with the delegates. The delegates unanimously expressed their support of the students’ proposed bill, including their willingness to continue working with the students and ultimately to sponsor the bill in the next regular Legislative session which will convene in January 2020.

In conjunction with that sponsorship, and most exciting for the WVJC family as a whole, was the idea of the delegates to host a “WVJC Day at the Legislature” to coincide with the introduction of the bill. This initiative would permit students from WVJC Charleston, Bridgeport, Morgantown, and Online to attend and witness the events from the gallery of the House of Delegates, including meeting with and engaging in functions with the legislators during this special day.

Also during their visit, the delegates had an opportunity to tour the WVJC Morgantown campus, to obtain hands-on experience with our academic programs, including the nursing program, and to participate in a student government meeting.

The delegates were extremely impressed with the quality of our programs, our students, and the work product presented during today’s meetings. We hope that this relationship will continue to grow and foster new awareness and opportunities for our students who certainly proved today their dedication to their program and to the people of the great state of West Virginia with this important public health initiative.

Legal Office Assisting – Program Highlight

In the course of our daily lives, we all experience events that shape us.  These events could be the little things in life like a kind gesture from a stranger, or a rainbow after a storm.  However, sometimes the big events can shape us as well.  These events are life-altering and generally lead to a new perspective, a change in the way that we function day-to-day, or even the way that we see and experience the world around us.  Both events can be a catalyst for change.  At West Virginia Junior College, we consider it our purpose to empower that change and create opportunity for our students.

One of the programs that we offer that could empower that change for you is our Legal Office Assisting Program.  So as you read this, we want to make sure you understand what it is to be Legal Office Assistant student, and ultimately, an employee in the legal field.  As someone who may be seeking change, there are three areas of consideration you should examine.  The first is employment opportunities that may exist within the field you are considering.  The second is how the course work is structured as that could influence your success.  Finally, you have to look at the factors that could influence your success positively or negatively.

First, let’s talk about employment opportunities.  Let’s face it…the law touches every aspect of our society! Therefore, the need for qualified, educated, and motivated legal professionals is broad and affords our graduates numerous professional opportunities.  Options for careers depend on the individual graduate’s specific interests and local area demand, but most graduates find themselves working directly with attorneys in a legal office/firm setting. This is one option available to graduates, but there are several other areas that can be pursued, including but not limited to working for government organizations/agencies from the local, state and federal levels, working “in-house” for a private business with a legal affairs department/division (corporations, non-profit organizations, hospitals, etc.), working in a bank or financial office assisting in the preparation of key legal documents involved in the purchase of real or personal property or in obtaining financing for personal or business use and working for an insurance company assisting in a range of different legal affairs such as claims management. The Legal Office Assisting degree from WVJC is a versatile degree that can take you many different directions.

Now that we know about employment opportunities that exist for legal assistants, let’s talk about course structure.  The courses are comprised of general education and core courses. You will start your academic journey with Student Success Strategies and conclude at a Legal Office Assisting externship. The courses that are in between the beginning and end are filled with industry driven course objectives. Some of the courses include Legal Office Assisting, Legal Research and Writing I and II, Estates and Property Law I and II, Criminal Law, Business Law, and Civil Trial Practice. Throughout these courses, students gain knowledge and expand their practical skills on foundational legal concepts under the direction of qualified and experienced legal professionals. The courses are structured with supplemental material, lectures, case studies, and partnered with high engagement!

The final area to consider is more personal to your situation.  WVJC wants you to be successful.  To be successful in a field like Legal Office Assisting, there are a few things to consider. Students in the LOA Program spend substantial time engaged in reading a variety of materials, including but not limited to statutes and cases from the local level all the way up to the United States Supreme Court.  Not everyone is a proficient reader, nor does everyone enjoy detailed reading and analysis of complex legal issues. This is not merely an academic requirement, but one in which almost all legal professionals will spend their careers engaged in on a daily basis. If you are not into reading and critical analysis of what you are reading…the LOA Program is not likely the program for you.  At WVJC, we want you to be successful in your academic and professional pursuits, so these are all questions and factors you will discuss in the beginning of our admissions process.

So what shaped you?  Is Legal Office Assisting at WVJC a program that will empower change for you? If so, call us at 304-296-8282 or request more information HERE.