Todd Hughes – Student Highlight

Todd Hughes is currently studying Healthcare Administration at WVJC Online. He always knew that he wanted to get into the healthcare field and his interest became more prominent when he took an EMT course in 2014. He knew that when the time was right for him to further his education, the healthcare field was the direction he wanted to go.

Prior to attending West Virginia Junior College, Todd was working as a manager at Walmart. He had been with Walmart for eight years, and in a managerial role for four of them. He developed an interest for leadership and wanted to develop a skillset in medical office management training in order to reach his future goals.

His wife, Jamie, was attending WVJC Online for Medical Office Administration. He was familiar with the course structure and scheduling, and how it would work for him and his family. After, his wife graduated from our program, Todd began his journey.

His favorite part of attending WVJC is the ability to learn new things. He gets excited to learn, and loves how he has new courses every six weeks. This allows him to constantly develop new skills and knowledge. He really enjoys that aspect.

Todd had a hard time narrowing down his favorite teacher to one because, “I like everyone”; but he did go on to say that, so far, the most impactful instructor has been, Dustin Blankenship. Mr. Blankenship has been an instructor in several of Todd’s classes, but was also his instructor in his favorite class (so far), Management.

Todd’s end goal is to pursue a career as a nursing supervisor. In the next five years, Todd can see himself applying the knowledge he obtained from the Healthcare Administration courses and continuing his education in a nursing program to land him the position he seeks at PMC Specialty Clinic.

One of the best parts about attending WVJC is the relationships Todd has built with other students. He would definitely refer a friend to WVJC and has already spoken to several. He believes that giving those personal testimonies can help others change their lives!

Healthcare Administration – Program Highlight

Within the next five to ten years, we are expected to see a rise in medical technology in the area of telehealth and telemedicine. With that in mind, West Virginia Junior College Online has begun offering a Healthcare Administration program. In this program, students are able to earn an associate degree in as little as 18 months.

The Healthcare Administration program teaches students to use computers and medical software programs to perform data entry, basic and advanced coding, work with and maintain medical records, understand health quality management, interpret/verify insurance information, complete insurance claims, obtain precertification/preauthorization documentation, obtain accurate patient billing, and understand and apply medical law and ethics. Students also become skilled in medical terminology, understanding HIPAA policies, effective communication, and basic bookkeeping.

Externships are critical in fine-tuning the student’s technical and soft skills. In essence, students in this program will get a taste of what it will be like working in the healthcare field.

This program is great for any student looking for an administrative role in the healthcare field or for any student who wants to further their degree in the medical industry.

Upon finishing the program, students have the option to transition to the Bachelors of Health Administration Degree program at the University of Phoenix. However, if students are more interested in going directly into the workforce, they also have the opportunity to start in an office position in a physician’s office or hospital.