Bali Surgical Practice, PLLC –
Externship Highlight

Bali Surgical Practice, PLLC has been servicing the Charleston area for the past 13 years. Bali Surgical Practice takes a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, and they are committed to providing the best quality care and support for their patients. They specialize in bariatric, general, and vascular surgery. They also offer a state-of-the-art Medical Spa to help patients become the best version of themselves.

WVJC Charleston and Bali Surgical have created a strong relationship over the past year. Bali Surgical Practice accepts students from the Clinical Medical Assistant program and the Medical Billing and Coding program. Students completing their externship with Bali Surgical Practice engage in a hands-on learning environment to ensure they receive a comprehensive understanding of the medical office setting and patient care. The externs also obtain knowledge of general surgeries and other outpatient procedures.

The future is bright for Bali Surgical Practice as the current business outlook is promising and the demand for services rising daily. They hope to continue building and expanding their practice to care for and assist more patients in the area. The site coordinator, Ms. Latasha McCoy, stated that Bali Surgical Practice benefits from having WVJC students complete their externship at their organization because they obtain an “awareness of current student and educational practices as well as see potential future employees.”.

When asked what advice she would give students entering college in 2021, Ms. McCoy stated, “Always do your best, give it your all and never give up. You are one step closer to your dreams!” WVJC is proud to be affiliated with Bali Surgical Practice and hopes that the relationship strengthens in years to come.

If you’re looking for a fast-track, Clinical Medical Assistant or Medical Billing and Coding program that provides you an externship experience like the one students receive at Bali Surgical Practice, PLLC, then take the first step today and request information here!

Lyrik Hilliard – Student Highlight

Lyrik Hilliard is a medical assisting student at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport. She began her college career at Fairmont State and was there until May of 2019. When she decided to take that summer off, she explored other colleges. Lyrik came across WVJC and decided to take the next step and enroll.

Some of the things that supported her decision to enroll at WVJC were the small classes, hands-on learning, and the fast-paced learning environment! She chose the Clinical Medical Assistant program because of the many career options.

Lyrik says that Mr. Cutright is one of her favorite instructors. “He is so interactive with the class. I am always very alert when it comes to that class. I’ve never dreaded attending his class. I like the fact that he writes everything on the board. I feel I learn better that way. I like the activities he plans for class and the way he really gets the class thinking.”

In 5 years, Lyrik sees herself married with children with a career in pediatrics, and possibly working on her bachelor’s degree. While she is thinking of her future, and taking courses at WVJC, she also currently holds a position on campus as a work-study for the staff and faculty. This opportunity has given her firsthand experience working with professionals and understanding the concepts of teamwork in the workplace.

When asked if she would refer a friend to WVJC, Lyrik said, “I would refer a friend to WVJC if they are wanting to be in a small school and learn. If they are eager to learn, then they should attend WVJC because you are constantly learning something new.”

To learn more about WVJC’s medical assisting classes, request information here!