Cybersecurity Jobs: What Are Potential Employers Looking For?

You’ve read our articles, researched the statistics, and determined a career in cybersecurity could be a perfect fit for you. Now, what?

Do you have what it takes to thrive within this comprehensive field of study? Read on to discover what cybersecurity employers are looking for in their next professional. 


Managers are looking to answer one fundamental question: Is this person qualified? A decision to pursue a career in cybersecurity requires proper education, training, and certification.* We provide our students with the opportunity to gain all three attributes


According to the (ISC)² 2019 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, you need a degree to qualify for most cybersecurity career opportunities. This includes entry-level positions, as well as those requiring experience. Cybersecurity is an essential function of the contemporary business world. Employers need to know that you are well-trained and knowledgeable in various cybersecurity areas and up-to-date with today’s industry standards.


Since risk management is critical to the success of modern organizations, employers value real-world cybersecurity experience when making hiring decisions. Candidates who have hands-on experience with simulated cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities are better prepared to handle these scenarios when they happen on the job.


Earning and maintaining cybersecurity industry certifications* shows employers that you have the knowledge and skills required. Credentials are created by independent, third-party organizations with high-quality standards. By earning these professional certifications, you’re showing employers that you have met these standards.

With these three relevant credentials on your resume, business owners will be more inclined to pursue an interview and begin the screening process. Your educational background assures them that qualified professionals manage their data, programs, and software.  


A career in cybersecurity involves a compilation of skills and skill sets that differentiate candidates from their competition and can be used toward the professional success of their company.

Employers need candidates ready to hit the ground running and use their hands-on skills to prevent, detect, and combat cybersecurity threats. Alongside these specific skills, employers will be looking for a set of soft skills that enable candidates to learn while on the job. 

Some of those skills include: 

Writing Skills

Cybersecurity professionals deal in detail with data breaches, system mockups, and other informative documents. Therefore, the ability to write technically about these areas is necessary for your success in cybersecurity. 

Interpersonal Skills

Most cybersecurity professionals work in a team environment and are involved in many functional areas of the organization. The ability to work with others isn’t going away anytime soon, so candidates in this field shouldn’t think of themselves as stuck behind a computer screen and away from human interaction. 

Quick Thinking

The ability to think critically and with speed to mitigate potentially threatening damage to network systems is the priority of the cyber manager. Therefore, candidates should assess their ability to act quickly and efficiently under pressure before pursuing a career in cybersecurity. 

The cybersecurity field is alive with opportunities and is very competitive. The best jobs go to the best candidates, and the best candidates are often those who are the most qualified, prepared, and motivated. 


WVJC Online offers a Cybersecurity program designed to give you the necessary tools needed to become a valuable asset to many private, non-profit, and government entities.

 Do you think you have what it takes to make it in the growing field of cybersecurity? At WVJC Online, you’ll learn to develop and maintain skills under the guidance of qualified educators, undergo the necessary certification* processes, and receive real-world experience through our externship program. 

Learn more about our program or give us a call at 877-25ONLINE.

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*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding industry certification exam.

Student Highlight – Michelle Kornegay

Michelle KornegayI decided to attend West Virginia Junior College because it was the only college where I could earn my degree online, which is what I needed at the time. I visited the Morgantown campus and met with Melody who was so nice, helpful and professional.

I am in the Medical Assisting degree program, which I attended previously at another school when I lived in Georgia.

My favorite part about attending school at WVJC so far is how positive and encouraging everyone is! I receive phone calls to check on my progress and emails asking if I need extra help. The staff at WVJC is beyond wonderful. The schools I attended in Georgia and South Carolina cannot compare to WVJC!

I also love being able to work from home. I have a 23 month old and a newborn, and being able to care for them without having to stress about daycare has been great!

My biggest supporter is my husband. He has stood by my side for years even when I quit my last job to return to school, which he was not happy about. Another huge supporter has been my oldest son. He quizzes me on my work, and even helps me at times.

Michelle Kornegay 2I want to especially thank Melody for being so wonderful from day one and for nudging me in the right direction. I want to thank Brittany Nuzzo for encouraging me with her kind and generous words. She is so sweet and caring and it has meant the world to me because I don’t have family and friends close by.

I would also like to thank my clinical instructors, Motiryo Mumpfield and Wendell Bates, for the excellent hands-on training and making clinicals fun while we learn. Last but not least I would like to thank the girls in my clinical class, Reba, Sandra and Tammy. We get along very well and always encourage each other.

I gave birth to my baby boy 4 weeks ago and through it all, Motiryo, Reba, Sandra, Tammy and Ms. Brittany were all checking on me daily and were just so encouraging. There are no words that can explain how much it meant to me!