Encompass Health – Externship Highlight

Sue Bolyard, the Program Manager of Hospital Education, gave WVJC Online a peek at what our WVJC Online Clinical Medical Assistant students will experience during their externship at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Morgantown.

“Your WVJC students will receive training about our rehabilitation patients. We provide medical care and also functional care. Your students will learn glucose monitoring, bladder scanning, transfers, activities of daily living techniques, and how to treat the patient with CPR; Comfort, Professionalism, and Respect,” Sue tells us.

Encompass Health is a national leader in integrated healthcare services that offers both facility-based and home-based patient care through its network of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, home health agencies, and hospice agencies. The organization is known nationally as it includes 139 hospitals, 241 home health locations, and 82 hospice locations in 39 states and Puerto Rico and has been ranked as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for. Sue confirms this as she shared with us that there are many benefits and opportunities for their patients, family, and staff.

Speaking of career opportunities, Sue says that the company has benefitted from having WVJC externs, as several WVJC students that have gone through their facility have become employed after training with them. Sue and her team enjoy providing the training and feel accomplished when they watch students gain the experience they will need in their future careers.

Sue shares that there is growth happening within their business. You can expect to see Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Morgantown to be Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Certified along with their current certification from the Joint Commission as a Stroke Center of Excellence. “With the population aging, we are seeing more patients with chronic illnesses and problems that go along with them. Our goal is to improve the quality of their life!” says Sue.

Going into the medical field, you have to be determined but also have care in your heart for your patients. So when entering school, Sue advises students to “study hard, get a degree, be a contributing adult to our society, and take some time to enjoy life with friends and family!”

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WVU Medicine – Externship Highlight

WVU Medicine is taking the state of West Virginia by storm and WVJC is very proud to work with the company. WVU Medicine is the state’s largest health system and private employer. WVU Medicine is comprised of nine hospitals throughout the state: J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, Berkeley Medical Center in Martinsburg, Braxton County Memorial in Gassaway, Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg, Jefferson Medical Center in Ranson, Potomac Valley Hospital in Keyser, Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Buckhannon, and United Hospital Center in Bridgeport.

WVJC and WVU Medicine have been able to create a seamless externship program for both students and the sites. Students must complete EPIC Training prior to starting their externship and go through modules of patient care. This creates the foundation that students will use throughout their externship experience. The two companies have been able to work together to place a significant number of students in externships, in fields ranging from Clinical Medical Assisting to Information Technology. WVJC and WVU Medicine are dedicated to working together to find the best fit for the student. Students have completed externships in a wide variety of clinics and offices through WVU Medicine. This includes, but is not limited to pain clinics, pediatrics, family medicine, physician centers, surgical specialties, and urgent care.

The future of this relationship is bright and ever growing. A completed externship gives students the confidence they need to be able to apply to WVU Medicine for employment. It also helps them to develop a  plan for what area they would succeed best in. WVU Medicine recommends treating any and all externship hours like a job interview. The entire time a student is at the site, they are expected to be professional, competent, and punctual. There is no better job preparation than being on site and working in a real-world environment. WVJC is excited to continue partnering with WVJC Medicine to produce West Virginia’s next generation of professionals.

Online Clinical Medical Assistant Highlight-Racheal Huggins

Rachael HugginsChoosing to continue your education after high school is a big decision that impacts not only your life but those closest to you. WVJC-Online Medical Assisting student Racheal Huggins made that very choice when she decided to attend WVJC-online for her Associate degree. Racheal is what is generally called, a non-traditional student; meaning that she waited a few years after high school before attending college. Making the decision to wait on attending college is both a blessing and a struggle to many online students.

When Racheal started inquiring about applying to WVJC-Online for Medical Assisting, she already had family obligations that were her number one priority, a husband, and her four-year-old daughter. Finding a college that gave her the flexibility to continue in her role as wife and mom, was a concern that weighed heavy on her mind. During her attendance at WVJC-Online, she had the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with instructors, hands-on clinicals close to home, and the support of all staff members at WVJC-online. Needless to say, Racheal found her balance between college and family life that ultimately put her on the path to graduate from WVJC-Online with her Associate degree in Medical Assisting. She is continuing to make WVJC-Online and her family proud with dedication and persistence.

Racheal started as a young mother and wife with aspirations to better herself and set an example for her daughter. She started the process by taking that first step and asking questions about online college and how it can fit into her schedule. If you have always wanted a career in the medical field, and are not sure where to start, take Racheal’s advice and take that first step with us at WVJC-Online today!

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