Donna Hendrickson – Graduate Highlight

Donna Hendrickson, CCMA, is a graduate of the Clinical Medical Assistant program at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Campus. She originally heard of WVJC from a radio ad and decided to look into the campus. After she visited the campus, she decided to enroll in the program. Donna was always dedicated to her work, grades, and attendance record while a student, and because of that, Donna graduated in August of 2020 with her associate degree and obtained her National Healthcareer Association, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) certification.

After graduation, she went on to work at the Clarksburg Health Department, where she was working alongside the staff in the fight against COVID-19. While working, Donna decided that she wanted to go back to school for nursing, so she contacted WVJC Bridgeport to further her education. In January of 2021, Donna utilized the bridge program between the Clinical Medical Assistant program and Practical Nursing program to further her career from CMA to Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)*.

Donna says, “I cannot express how much the CMA program changed my life. I would not be accomplishing all that I am in the LPN program without that foundational knowledge.”

Donna’s favorite parts of WVJC are the instructors, the small campus, and how supportive everyone is to each other. She says, “Even after you leave, the instructors like to hear of your news and adventures in your new career.” The instructors that made the biggest impact in her life during her studies as a CMA student were Mrs. Syrews and Ms. Holyfield. In her current studies as a practical nursing student, Ms. Prusa, and Mrs. Foster.

In five years, Donna would like to be in a job that she enjoys, where she is helping patients and making their experience in a medical setting the best it can be, whether it’s working as a school nurse or an LPN in an outpatient setting.

When asked if Donna would recommend WVJC to a friend, Donna smiled and said, “I would definitely recommend WVJC to a friend. There is great support, encouragement, and career guidance if you are willing to commit to studying and attending classes.”

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*Passing the NCLEX-PN exam is required to become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Tyler Chinchilla – Graduate Highlight

Tyler Chinchilla, CCMA, is a May 2018 Clinical Medical Assistant graduate. Tyler chose WVJC Bridgeport after attending Fairmont State University for a short period of time. Tyler chose to become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant because healthcare has been something that he has always wanted to do. “Learning more about the role of a medical assistant made it set in stone,” he adds.

Although classes were tough for him, he had his friends there for motivation. “It was almost like a competition to keep each other motivated, whether it was studying with flashcards or reviewing for a test. We turned it into a game almost. The teachers were a huge motivation too. There isn’t one teacher that you can’t go to if you’re struggling with an assignment. WVJC is really like a second family.”

Tyler currently works at Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center in Morgantown, WV, where he was hired a little over a year ago. He performs skills such as taking vital signs and phlebotomy, and has a lot of patient interaction. In the Head and Neck Cancer Clinic that he oversees, he gets to set up for minor office surgeries and procedures such as, flexible laryngoscopes and assisting with different biopsies.

After interviewing Tyler as a graduate, he had a few pieces of advice to give the current students.

“You 100% can do this. It’s hard right now but I promise you all can do it. Manage your time to where you aren’t ‘killing yourself’ to try to get things done. Really think back on Ms. Holyfield’s or Mrs. Porter’s Student Success class. It helped me a ton. Don’t doubt yourself, especially in lab class. If I can do it, so can you!”