Hydiah White – Graduate Highlight

West Virginia Junior College graduate, Hydiah White decided to enroll in the Clinical Medical Assistant program when she was a senior in high school.  Hydiah was working at Dollar General and understood the importance of earning a fast-track degree and getting into the professional workforce quickly.

As a senior in high school, Hydiah was not sure what she wanted to do as a career. However, she did know she did not want to spend years working on a degree and she wanted a smaller college. Hydiah visited WVJC during a college visit and after she met the staff and faculty, she knew WVJC was the perfect fit.

As a student at WVJC, Hydiah was a President List and Dean’s List recipient. The flexible class schedule allowed her the opportunity to work while she was earning her degree. Hydiah said, “My favorite part of attending WVJC was the environment within the school. The teachers were always available when you needed them and the rest of the staff is always so welcoming and friendly. I also appreciated how accommodating everyone was when I was trying to balance, school, work, and my externship all at once.”

Hydiah’s favorite teacher at WVJC is Medical Program Director, Chelsea Abbott. Hydiah said, “Chelsea made all of our clinical lab classes fun. She is very knowledgeable of the material and has a lot of experience as a medical assistant and phlebotomist. She is a great teacher and provided us a lot of hands-on experience.”

While in college at WVJC, Hydiah was hired at CAMC Memorial. After graduation, she moved into a full-time night position as a medical assistant. The skills she learned in the Clinical Medical Assistant program were phlebotomy, EKG, obtaining vital signs, wrapping limbs and sutures for a wound, diagnostic procedures, electronic health care records, and so much more!

We asked Hydiah if she would recommend WVJC to a friend and she said, “Absolutely if you take your studies seriously and show up every day, the benefits, in the end, are very rewarding. On top of that, you will have an amazing support system the entire way and receive help with finding a job in your field after graduation.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Clinical Medical Assistant program or another program at WVJC, request information here!

Harry Fisher – Student Highlight

Harry attended a local university a few years ago. Being in the military, he had to cut his time short to redeploy to Iraq. Now, back home and settled, Harry chose to attend WVJC Online while working for a local laborer’s union. “I needed an online program because I still needed to be able to keep my full-time job to provide for my family. I had heard good things about WVJC, so I decided to take a chance and give it a try.”

Harry chose the Business Administration/Accounting program because he eventually would like to own his own business. “I believe this path would be highly beneficial in helping me to accomplish that goal.” His favorite part of attending WVJC Online is the people! “Everyone has been very friendly and I don’t feel too overwhelmed.” His favorite class so far is Math. He finds it exciting because he loves working with numbers and it challenges him.

Harry would like to get into the accounting field after graduation so he can gain experience before venturing out into small business ownership. “I would like to open up a bicycle shop. It’s been a dream of mine for many years. I believe with my degree and experience this would allow me to have my own successful business.

Harry says he has nothing but good things to say about WVJC and would recommend this school to everyone!

If you have an interest in WVJC Online’s Business Administration/Accounting program, check us out at wvjc.edu for more information.

Taylor Wagner – Student Highlight

Taylor Wagner is a student in the Dental Assisting program at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport.  Prior to attending WVJC, she obtained her certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant through her high school.  She began working at a local hospital (United Hospital Center) and worked as a CNA for 5 ½ years before realizing this wasn’t the direction she wanted her life to go. Taylor reevaluated and made the choice to further her education with WVJC in the Dental Assisting program. Her future in dentistry was an easy choice for her. Taylor said, “I have always found dentistry interesting and loved going to the dentist growing up.”

Taylor is currently a full-time dental assisting student, while still working a part-time job as a CNA at UHC.  Taylor says that at times, “it can be difficult to have so much on my plate, but I continue to do what needs done, so that I can have the future I want. WVJC makes it easier because of the small classes, hands on activities, and close drive from home.”

Taylor is excited by how much she is learning and looking forward to putting her knowledge to the test in the workforce.  Taylor says she thoroughly enjoys Mr. Cutright’s classes.  “He is my favorite teacher. He is always there for his students and makes every class interesting.” As she approaches her last 12 weeks, Taylor is completing her externship hours at All Smiles Dental. “I love it there. The doctors are so nice, and the staff always answers my questions and makes me feel at home. I love the hands-on learning experience I am gaining.”

Taylor is not only excited to graduate but is really looking forward to a full-time job in a field she is passionate about.  Taylor is ready to begin her career but is also already thinking about one day continuing her education even further.

To learn more about WVJC’s Dental Assisting program, request information here!

Theresa Correia – Staff Highlight

Theresa is the Administrative Assistant/Front Office Manager for WVJC Bridgeport. She was a Navy brat from the time she was born in Virginia Beach until her father received his honorable discharge. After that, her family finally chose West Virginia as their home since it is where her mother’s family is from. She absolutely loves it and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

Theresa is currently working toward obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Interpersonal Relationships. She chose this focus because building, understanding, maintaining, and enhancing personal relationships with others is something she is very passionate about. There have been many bumps along the way in continuing her education and deciding what she should study, so she’s able to relate to many WVJC students who have faced those same real-life struggles that come along with being a non-traditional student.

Theresa has worked for different companies in different locations before finally finding a home at WVJC, and she can honestly say she’s never worked for an institution and with people that possess such great character, respect, and passion for their jobs, the people they work with, and the students they serve. Theresa also stated that she feels this institution, and the people it employs, possesses the integrity she has been looking for in her search for employment, and she feels lucky to have the opportunity to build a career with WVJC!

In her spare time, Theresa enjoys reading and has a vast collection of books she’s acquired over the years. She loves to hike and take her dogs out for a walk along with anything else that has to do with nature and the outdoors. She has a whole troop of fur babies to come home to every evening after work. She has a three year old maltipoo named Archie, a four year old aussiedoodle named Finley, an all-black cat named Spirit, and two older brother and sister rescue cats named Rusty and Beamer who are probably the fattest and funniest cats you’ve ever seen. They keep her very busy, but she says it is most definitely worth it!

Rachel McAllister – Student Highlight

West Virginia Junior College strives to create relationships with our students and community.  It is so important, that we consider it to be a core value within our school.  Rachel McAllister felt this very early on in her program with us.  Rachael came to WVJC after attempting post-secondary education at other institutions.  Like many of our students, she did not find an environment that helped her be successful.  We asked her why she chose WVJC and she said, “The culture seems a lot more conducive to my personality, and I love the ‘family’ feel among the staff and students.”  She went on to highlight the fact that our short-term, career-focused programs would allow her to get into a career more quickly.  “I won’t spend a bunch of time completing unrelated courses, as I have done at other institutions I have attended.”

Rachael is in WVJC’s Legal Office Assisting program and is a member of the Student Government Association. “I have always had an interest in law and the legal system,” McAllister said, “but I didn’t think law school was the right fit for me.”  Rachael said that after doing her research, WVJC’s Legal Office Assisting program would provide opportunities in the legal field that were a “perfect fit” for her.

The welcoming environment has been her favorite part about WVJC.  “I’ve been able to connect with other students and my teachers in ways I just hadn’t been able to anywhere else.  I feel like I’m really making friends and I matter to my instructors.”

Rachael has found herself in a learning environment that suits her, and has allowed her to excel.  She has been an integral part of WVJC’s Student Government Association and is a great student in her program. If Rachael’s story sounds familiar to you, and you would like to learn more about WVJC’s Legal Office Assisting program, visit wvjc.edu or call 304-296-8282 today!

Kali Moats – Student Highlight

Life often presents twists and turns on our path to a career. With every decision, our path is bumped slightly in a new direction. Kali Moats’s, CMA student at WVJC Morgantown and Student Government Association member, path to WVJC fits this mold. Kali attended a college prior to attending WVJC.  She felt she was “just a number” in that environment and ultimately did not continue.

The decision to leave school lead her down a path that landed her where she is today. It was not always an easy one. Before attending WVJC, Kali found herself working at a state park and helping to take care of her father. While working at that state park, a coworker told her about WVJC. She decided to check it out. “I liked (that) they offered a smaller room setting, and the atmosphere was welcoming.”

Kali chose the Clinical Medical Assistant program. She wanted to further her career in the medical field, and felt that this was the best way to do it. As a student, she loves her classes, but says her favorite part is the faculty and staff. “If I need help with anything from homework to just having a bad day, they are there and ready to help or be an ear and shoulder to lean on.”

When asked who her favorite instructor was, Kali had a hard time narrowing it down.  “I cannot pick just one.”  While she has enjoyed all of her instructors, there were two that stood out to her.  “Jessica Musgrove and Dustin Blankenship are ready to help (at any time). They make class fun to be in, (and are) a joy to around.”

Kali said that her ideal job would be to work as a civilian with the US Army as a CMA or a phlebotomist. Her goals in the long term are to move to Virginia, become a parent, and “come (back) to visit the staff and faculty to show them how I am doing.  They are like my family.”

If this experience sounds like something that you would like to see for yourself, head to wvjc.edu and take a look at our Clinical Medical Assistant program, or any of our offered programs.  You can also call the campus directly at 304-296-8282 or request info HERE.

Cheyenne Bolden – Student Highlight

Cheyenne is a 2017 graduate of Liberty High School. While in high school, Cheyenne participated in numerous sports, worked two jobs to fund her summer travels, was a member of the National Honor Society, and enjoyed attending the Friday night football games. She took college classes during her senior year in high school as well.

WVJC was Cheyenne’s choice to jump start her career because she loves the small class sizes and being able to know the teachers one on one. She also loves that the teachers offer free tutoring after class and even in the mornings before class. Currently enrolled in the LPN program, Cheyenne is 21 years old and loves to spend her summers traveling across the globe.

There are many things that Cheyenne loves about her student experience at WVJC. “The library is always open and available when I need to use it. I enjoy being able to ask questions and get answers in a quick time frame. I feel like a person here and not just a number,” said Cheyenne.

When asked who her favorite teacher is so far, Cheyenne said it has been Mrs. Wilson because she has the ability to reach out to students and relay the information in a manner everyone can understand. She is really good at re-explaining something if someone doesn’t understand and uses relatable examples.

“From the time I started my journey here, the teachers and staff have always gone out of their way to make things as easy and smooth as possible. Nursing school is hard enough, it’s nice to have teachers and staff in your corner when things get tough,” said Cheyenne.

Currently, Cheyenne is in the mental health clinical rotation and part of her class has been going to Highland and observing. “I really enjoy mental health nursing, but I imagine it’s very hard at the same time,” said Cheyenne.

Cheyenne is working on finishing up her externship hours at Fairmont Health and Rehab. “I truly love it there. I am hoping to work there with a graduate license until I take and pass my boards. Once that happens, I really hope to secure a PRN job there while planning some much-needed travel plans,” said Cheyenne.

In the future, Cheyenne plans to go back to school and obtain her RN degree. She hopes to become a travel nurse for a few years after getting her RN and once she settles down, she is considering becoming a flight nurse.

Cheyenne’s advice for others is to “not give up, even when you think it’s the only option. In the end, you’re only setting yourself back and keeping yourself from reaching the goals you set out to achieve.”

Are you ready to start down the path to a rewarding career? With short-term programs, small class sizes, personalized attention, and our WE CARE approach to education, WVJC can help you get there. Request information today to get started!

Nicole Jones – Externship Highlight

So you’ve gotten in to college and now you’ve gotten through a few courses and find yourself thinking about entering the work force. With a few more courses and graduation in sight, you find yourself applying for one of the most exciting parts of the Clinical Medical Assistant program, the externship!

Please meet WVJC-Charleston  Clinical Medical Assistant student, Nicole Jones. Nicole wanted to extend her medical career into medical assisting because of her experience in coding. Nicole’s training increased her marketable skills to not just working the front and back of the medical office, but also to providing patient care. Nicole has her sights set on furthering her career in a medical office and working her way up to office manager. Nicole is scheduled to graduate this winter and is very excited!

Nicole has always been fascinated by the medical field. When asked what her favorite course was, she said “I loved all of my lab classes. Getting to be hands on was fun and I learned a lot more because I’m a really hands on learner”. Hands-on learning is one of the fundamental strengths of the Clinical Medical Assistant program at WVJC. Instructors encourage students to not onl

y participate in class and labs, but also stress the importance of externships to gain even more in-field training and experience.

There are many externship sites that partner with WVJC and often, students can tour sites to decide which externship would be best for them. Nicole decided to apply for a medical office that she recently the opportunity to learn it presented. After making this decision, Nicole spoke with the onsite manager and told him she was very interested in gaining experience at that location. After a few phone calls and assistance from the Medical Director at WVJC – Charleston, Ms. Chelsea Abbott, Nicole had an interview!

Nicole spent a few months working at her externship site and really enjoyed it! She will start orientation this October for full time employment. Nicole said that if students are looking for externships, she has a few tips. Nicole stressed that students need to “show up and be dependable.” She continued, saying “You should treat you externship like you are interviewing for a job. Do things to help even when you are not asked. Lastly, actually take the time to show interest and ask questions.”

Nicole is very grateful for all the staff and instructors who have been amazing to her and she said she had learned so much. “I will miss them all!” she said. At 31, Nicole is a mother to three kids. She wanted to provide a better life for her children and to show them to never give up on their dreams.

Do you have a dream like Nicole? Do  you have career goals like she did and want to continue education to learn valuable skills that will be more marketable to employers, AND provide a better life for yourself and your family? If you value education like Nicole and are hardworking, then come see us at WVJC to learn how we can help you find a career!

Marrissa Merill – Student Highlight

Marrissa Merill is attending West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport where she will soon obtain her associate degree in Dental Assisting. In December, Marrissa will be sitting for the National Registered Dental Assisting certification exam. She is anxiously awaiting her test date. However, she feels confident that her education has prepared her for success. Marrissa began her career at WVJC shortly after graduating from Lincoln High School. She spent several years being a waitress and realized she wanted a career instead.

Marrissa has always had a passion for the dental field but wasn’t sold on the idea “completely”, until entering the Dental Terminology course at WVJC.  At this point, she realized how passionate she was about teeth and the importance of oral hygiene. The Dental Terminology class was her favorite for many reasons. It helped her realize she was in the right field and she enjoyed learning all the proper terms and the order of teeth.

During her time at WVJC, Marrissa has had many great instructors, but two in particular have inspired her the most, Mr. Cutright and Mrs. Holyfield. “These two instructors are passionate about teaching and making sure their students succeed. They inspired me to strive for greatness.” During her education, Marrissa is required to complete 160 hours of externship. She has already completed 60 hours at Mountaineer Orthodontics. During this time she has gained the hands-on experience that is needed to further her education and career. “I have learned so much and love being a part of their team.”  Marrissa is looking forward to completing the remaining 100 hours in General Dentistry.

Marrissa has already been offered a full-time Dental Assisting position upon graduation in December.  She is excited to graduate and begin her career in a reputable dental facility. We enjoyed having Marrissa at our Bridgeport campus and are confident she will achieve greatness in her career.  She offers a quote to anyone that is undecided about their future, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” (Walt Disney).

Emma Cannon – Admissions Advisor Highlight

“ I enjoy connecting with our students and encouraging them to believe in themselves to see their true potential.”- Emma Cannon

Emma Cannon is an Admissions Advisor at WVJC Online. As an Admissions Advisor, it is her job to guide a potential student through the admissions process. She tends to create a close bond with the students that she works with.  It is very common to find her chatting with her students, helping them over the “bumps in the road” that happen from time to time. She teaches her students her own philosophy on goal setting. She says, “I have learned to acclimate my goals based upon life’s everyday challenges. That makes them more achievable.” Emma not only teaches her students this philosophy, but lives by it herself.

Emma has been working in the admissions department for more than a year.  She came to work at the school to advance her career, but did not expect the experience she has since had. “I wanted to give my son a better life…It has been the best decision, and the most rewarding career that I have ever had.”  If you ask most faculty and staff at WVJC, they would agree that helping our students achieve their goals is the best part of what we do. In Emma’s words, “I enjoy connecting with our students and encouraging them to believe in themselves to see their true potential.”

Emma’s personal motivation has always come from within, but she credits her son for the level of motivation that she has each day. “After my son was born, my motivation doubled because I had two lives to be responsible for.” Emma uses this motivation to help our students head down the road to a great career and a great life. Emma believes that there is a solution to every problem. She lives her life that way and uses that philosophy to help every student, and potential student, that she works with. “I still encounter obstacles every day, but I never give up and, instead, always find a way.”

If you have ever thought about going back to school, give Emma a call at the school and ask her about WVJC’s many online associate degree programs.