Jim Tuell – Student Highlight

Jim Tuell is a student in the Business Administration program at West Virginia Junior College Charleston. Jim has always had an interest in the business field.  He grew up helping his family operate a small business and has always been passionate about learning new strategies to help the business be successful.

Before attending WVJC, Jim took some courses at other colleges. He felt a slight disconnect with the classes he attended at the other schools. Jim wanted a fast track, career-ready school that cares about students’ success. Jim is the first generation in his family to attend college and he appreciates the opportunity to stay close to home while taking courses. The flexible class schedule at WVJC allows Jim to have more quality time with his family and friends.

When asked what life experiences influenced his decision to attend college, Jim said, “My first week at work I was stung by nine yellow jackets and finally decided that I should go to college.” In his spare time, Jim writes jokes and does stand-up comedy.  He enjoys the student life at WVJC and says it is a great way to make friends and be more engaged in the community. What has been his favorite experience so far? Jim said “I’ve made friends so fast here with like minds that only want to see me succeed. I didn’t get that anywhere else!”

During WVJC’s annual career fair, Jim had the opportunity to interact with local business leaders, which lead him to his externship. The curriculum at WVJC incorporates an externship opportunity to allow students real-world experiences in their field of study. Jim said, “I believe the career courses combined with the externship experience will provide me with all of the tools I need to be successful.”

One of Jim’s favorite classes in the Business Administration program is Sales and Customer Service. Jim said, “I learned so much in that class and I use it every day!” Our instructors also provide guidance and career advice, working closely with students to understand their individual goals.

When asked what advice he would share with others considering WVJC, Jim said, “Do it! It’s worth it. If I had to do it all over again, I would have gone to WVJC first because they got me closer to where I wanted to be in life more than anywhere else has before.”

For more information on all the degree programs, WVJC has to offer, request information here!

WVJC Morgantown is proud to announce the new Career Closet!

WVJC takes the success of its graduates very seriously.  From our Career Management assistance to our Career Preparation class, we truly want our graduates to have the guidance they need as they leave college and transition into the workforce.  With this in mind, we have established the Career Closet!

The purpose of this closet is to give students access to professional clothing options when they need it.  There will be dress clothes for women and men in various sizes. While we are still in the process of building the wardrobe, there have been several students take advantage of this terrific new resource already.

Whether you are getting ready to go on a job interview, or need a nice outfit for your first day of externship, feel free to stop up on the third floor and browse. If you need any assistance, please contact Alannah Bohon in Career Management.

If you would like to donate gently used items to WVJC’s Career Closet, give Alannah Bohon a call at West Virginia Junior College in Morgantown at 304-296-8282.

Career Services Going Above & Beyond For Students

At WVJC Morgantown, the Career Management Team is hard at work for you! WVJC Career Management offers one on one resume building, mock interview preparation, and just recently, a new career closet has been implemented so students can be interview ready.

WVJC’s career management team is constantly working to improve the resources we offer to our students. We recently created a community resource and a housing binder by canvasing the local area to gather information and resources on anything that may burden our students. Career Management has also created and strengthened networking bonds in the community to provide students with the most up to date information on part-time and full-time positions.

In WVJC’s Career Preparation course, we have added budgeting modules to help prepare students for their financial futures once they start their careers! WVJC has always felt that it is important to show students the value of planning ahead and being responsible.