Jenny Verbonitz – Graduate Highlight

Jenny Verbonitz, who graduated from West Virginia Junior College in 2017, has always been interested in the business field. In fact, she started her business career managing the Sabraton Station.  It is her love of business that lead Jenny to expanding her education. She first attended Pierpont in 2013, which she found to be a bigger school that made her feel like a number… not a name. This style of education wasn’t for her, so she withdrew and put her education on hold. That is, until Jenny was accepted into WVJC’s Business Administration Program in 2016 after she came in for an interview with our campus representative, Matt Hahn. She said she had no intention of going to school, but Matt was really fun and she liked everything she heard, so she decided to enroll. She was accepted into our Business Administration Program and then had the opportunity to convert into a dual degree taking courses in the Legal Office Assistant Program as well. It was through her hard work and dedication that Jenny graduated from both programs, earning  associate degrees in Business Administration and Legal Office Assisting.

Jenny enjoyed her experiences at WVJC and the hours were flexible enough to fit around her schedule. She especially loved having Fridays off. During her time attending WVJC, Jenny had many different business classes and instructors, but a few instructors stuck out to her. She loved getting to be in class with Bryce Adkins. He took their legal class on tours to the WVU law school, which allowed her to see the legal process and put things into perspective for her.  “It was really neat to see that kind of environment”, she says. Another teacher who stuck out for Jenny was Rick Frank, who taught her business classes. Both instructors communicated with the students on a personal level.

After graduation, Jenny was hired at an insurance agency and is now prepping to take her accident and health licensure exam. She now gets to apply the skills she learned in her business and legal classes by working in sales with home and auto insurance.  The experience Jenny received with the LexisNexis certification training during her Legal Office Assisting program allows her to perform her job duties at a more proficient level. Her Business Administration training prepared her with the necessary skills to effectively manage her new business.

Jenny can see herself working her way up at her new job and the first step is to become a licensed agent. She is still learning the ropes and has a long way to go but is super excited for her opportunity and to continue to advance in her career. Because of the positive experiences Jenny has had with WVJC, she has recommended WVJC to several people and always refers family and friends.

Jim Tuell – Student Highlight

Jim Tuell
Jim Tuell is a student in the Business Administration program at West Virginia Junior College. Before attending WVJC, Jim attended a different college and worked in the landscaping business. After a while, he decided that between school and traveling for work, the particular school he was attending was not the best fit for him. He chose to come to WVJC because he wanted to find a school that was closer and  that had better program options for him. He said that traditional college was taking way to long.

When asked why he chose the business program, he said “I’ve always liked small local business and I knew going into business administration could potentially help me run my own business someday!” He said his favorite part of WVJC are the students and staff. “The students and staff are much friendlier and more helpful that anywhere else I have ever been. Also, everything is clearly planned out so I can understand it. Human Resource Management is my favorite class because I am able to use workplace skills I already have and apply them to my studies.”

Jim’s idea of the perfect day is made up of coffee, pancakes, watching the office, napping and watching the Red Sox, in whatever order!

After graduation, Jim would like to be working in HR or working in sales. He is also interested in working with a nonprofit organization of some kind.

Business Management Student Highlight – Mallory Colsmann

Mallory ColsmannMeet WVJC Morgantown student, Mallory Colsmann!  Mallory is a Business Management student who is quickly approaching graduation. She chose to attend WVJC Morgantown because it’s not only close to her house, but also because “the admissions staff was really good” and she “enjoyed the small class sizes.”

When asked about her favorite aspect of WVJC, she said, “My teachers are my favorite part, because they are all amazing. I love the people and the school!” Mallory contributes a huge part of her success at WVJC to the support she received from her instructors.  “My business program coordinator Rreze Zejnullahi is such an upbeat person and a huge motivator to me.”  Mallory also said instructor and Student Services Director, Brittany Arruda “is remarkable. I feel as though the way she teaches is tailored to me and my learning style.”

Mallory’s father owns his own business and she said that she hopes to work for him one day and eventually own the company. Mallory stated that she knew “a business degree is essential to being self-employed.”