Sean Wilfong – Student Highlight

“I have really enjoyed the relationships that I have made, and continue to build, with fellow students and staff, while also getting directly involved with my community.”  – Sean Wilfong

As we travel paths in our lives, very rarely are they straight.  Sure, we all have the best of intentions to meet a goal directly. Often, though, we are met with obstacles or choices that change our trajectory as we travel towards our goal. Sean Wilfong’s path is a great representation of this.

Sean’s journey began with WVJC Morgantown last winter, but his path started well before that. Sean has attended college in the past. “I was still a young kid with little sense of direction and clueless to where I wanted to end up or who I aspired to become.”  It was after this realization that Sean went on to serve in the Marine Corp.  After the military, Sean ended up back in WV working in manufacturing, where he stayed until he was laid off.

It was then that he realized he had two choices. “I was in the process of falling back on the route that would eventually send me back to the military.  Then I learned about WVJC and their short-term associate degree programs…and set my sights on that.”

Sean chose WVJC because of the job placement assistance available after graduation.  He chose his program because he wanted “to better my knowledge in personal finance and be able to grow within the business environment.”  As a student, Sean became impressed with his instructors.  “ instructor is likely to stop (a lecture) in its tracks to present a real-life example.”

What Sean did not realize is that he would become an integral part of WVJC, building relationships with his classmates, faculty, staff, and administration in a positive way.  Not only a great student, Sean has also managed to become an important figure on campus and was even selected as President of Student Government.

Sean hopes to start his own business in the future.  “I would like to start my own business and become my own boss, be it through real estate or a similar venture. Life experiences have taught me that working for money is not happiness. My goal is to make my money work for me and to enjoy my job, whatever it may be.”

Business Administration Graduate Highlight – Shana McCormick

Shana McCormickShana McCormick is a Business Administration diploma graduate of WVJC Online. When Shana was looking into online schools, she wanted to find a good fit for herself and her family. She stated “I really wanted to be able to better support my family and get this for myself.” Shana chose WVJC Online because “I heard from a friend how wonderful it was, along with how well the school works with a hectic schedule.” Shana is married with 3 children and needed flexibility to be able to maintain her home life while achieving her educational goals. After choosing WVJC, Shana chose the Business Administration program because she is very organized, has a take charge attitude, and has the ability to get things accomplished. Shana said the skills she learned within the Business Administration program can be applied in all aspects of her career. Shana’s favorite part, if she had to pick one, about WVJC Online was “the one on one help that you can acquire just by simply reaching out to an instructor. They will walk you through what you need and make sure you are learning the skills you are going to need in the work place.”

Like Shana, not everyone knows what they want to do straight out of high school. They may not even know in their 30s, but that should never stop someone from trying. If Shana could give new students one piece of advice, it would be, “Go into your program with an open mind and ready to learn. Do not rush through. Listen to your lectures and don’t wait until the due date to do all your work! Make a weekly plan with all your assignments and do them accordingly. You get what you put in with an online degree. Find someone that has your back. Find your “village.” These are going to be the people who are cheering you on when you want to quit. They make you want to be better. Do not listen to people who think it is too much for you.”

As Shana neared the end of her school journey, she encountered a few hardships. She wanted to personally thank Brittany Nuzzo, WVJC Online’s Academic Dean. “Thank you Brittany for everything that you did for me during a very hard time in my family’s life. When you go to school, you become family!” Shana couldn’t have put it any better. We at WVJC are family.

Shana also has her husband to thank from top to bottom. Shana’s husband had several health problems during the time she was attending school, but he was always cheering her on. She said, “There were times life got tough and I wanted to quit. It’s human nature. He always built me up when I was crumbling down, even days he didn’t feel like smiling.”

In the beginning, prior to first starting school, Shana said that family life was calm, except chasing around two toddlers. Though, about two months in she learned she was going to have another baby. “College was a dream, but we were told months before we wouldn’t have any more children, so this was a dream too. I had several health issues with my pregnancy, but persevered. I remember hours after I had my son, I was in the hospital, doing schoolwork on my laptop. There is absolutely nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it.”

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Business Administration Student Highlight – Jacob Mace

Jacob Mace is enrolled at West Virginia Junior College Charleston in the Business Administration program. Before attending WVJC, Jacob felt lost. He was tired of constantly stressing about what to do with his life. Jacob had never attended college before but said “A week before my aunt passed away I promised her that I would go to school and do something with my life. WVJC was my choice. After the initial interview, I just felt like part of their family.”

Jacob decided on the Business Administration program because he was interested in learning more about marketing and advertising.  When asked about his favorite part of WVJC, he said “Would it be cliché to say everything? The classes, teachers, staff, my classmates, and the business club. West Virginia Junior College saved me from going down a dark path.”

Jacob said his favorite two teachers are Mr. Batman and Mrs. Katie and that he has really enjoyed his marketing class.

In five years Jacob would like to be able to say he kept his promise to his aunt.  He sees himself being successful in a job he likes and maybe starting a family. He said he may also want to relocate, “Don’t get me wrong, I love West Virginia, but I want to explore and see what else is out there.”

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