Cody Joe – Student Highlight

Cody Joe has been in the medical field since the age of 19, working as a paramedic. While working as an EMS, he was able to help patients in some very significant ways and make a positive impact on their lives. During that time, Cody realized he wanted to make even more of an impact with patients, and he believes that by becoming a nurse, he will be able to spend more time with each patient catering to their specific needs.

Cody attends WVJC full time and works full time as a paramedic, but he doesn’t stop there. He caught the entrepreneurial bug, running his own business as a personal-body transformation coach, training clients using his nutrition certification, and working with manufacturers to produce his supplemental line creating his unique brand. He has been hard at work with his business since November 2020 and is pouring every bit of profit right back into it, striving for excellence, as he believes this will be his nest egg for retirement. Cody has offered his training and nutritional services to his current classmates at WVJC, and several students have already taken him up on this offer. Cody put together a plan with a healthier diet and achievable goals to get each of them into better physical shape and to help them create healthier lifestyles overall.

He plans to enroll in Chamberlain University to further his education and obtain his BSN degree after graduating from the Nursing program at WVJC. When he graduates from WVJC in December 2022, he plans to work alongside his wife in the ER. Cody would also like to continue his education by getting his Master’s Degree and then become a Nurse Practitioner while also working full time.

Cody has tremendous support from his wife, family, and friends as he embarks on this new adventure to learn new skills to make a real difference in patients’ lives. Cody chose WVJC because he heard good things from recent graduates about WVJC’s Nursing program. However, he says the most significant selling point is an accelerated program that offers a degree in just 18 months. WVJC is excited to have students like Cody, who are patient-oriented nurses making sure their needs are met.

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Morgantown Nursing Program Highlight

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Healthcare employment opportunities continue to rise.  Nursing, specifically, is expected to see better than average growth over the next decade.  “Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 12 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Growth will occur for a number of reasons, including an increased emphasis on preventive care; increasing rates of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity; and demand for healthcare services from the baby-boom population, as this group leads longer and more active lives.” (BLS 1)

The BLS is a great resource to learn about occupations of all types. When considering a new career or career move, though, there are a ton of other factors to consider. If nursing is on your list, the options are nearly infinite. Nurses work in all walks of healthcare, have degree paths available from associate to doctoral level, can work in virtually anywhere in the world, and are always in high demand. Given all of this, if you are heading down the nursing path, it is helpful to know what your goals are.

While the possibilities of the career are nearly infinite, the training and curriculum are fairly specific. We will focus our time here on the program at WVJC Morgantown. However, it should be noted that all programs in West Virginia are governed by the same body so the requirements to take your NCLEX certification are similar. Nursing programs have a very specific set of requirements to follow and this is part of what makes entry into a nursing program so coveted!

WVJC’s Nursing program has enjoyed quite a bit of student success over the last several years! This success earned our program a #2 ranking in the state of WV in 2019 (by, which is an independent site designed to be a resource for those looking into the field- link below).

So far we know what the career prospects are like, how the training is set up, and what WVJC is doing. So, what does it take to get into and complete an 18 month Associate Degree program? Grit.  At least according to Nursing Program Director, Julie Whetsell. “If you look at the definition of the word Grit, it is described as strength of character, courage, and resolve. Which I can’t help but equate to the definition of a great nurse. A great nurse is a patient advocate, an outstanding communicator, able to hold their own in a trying environment, and extremely knowledgeable in their craft yet not afraid to ask questions. Nurses proverbially get pushed down a lot, and every time a nurse will show that resolve and get back up to keep caring for their patients. It is not a profession to be taken lightly, and neither is nursing school. A nursing student needs that same grit, in fact, I expect it. If they embody those qualities and are willing to buckle down and learn, becoming a nurse through our program is just 18 months away which is an amazing opportunity.”

If you have now determined that you have the “grit” needed to complete a challenging nursing program, you should know that WVJC’s program is a direct admittance program! There is no pre-nursing education coursework at all. If you meet the requirements, and are selected, you will enter directly into the Nursing program. This is one benefit of a short-term program like ours. Another interesting note about WVJC’s Nursing program is the schedule. Classes occur during evening and weekend hours. This gives students the flexibility during the day to study, do homework, work, etc.

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Q & A With Nursing Student Cheryl Weise

Did you ever go to college before, if so where and what was your experience?

I haven’t really been in school since I was in high school twenty years ago. This whole experience is new and exciting for me.

What were you doing before you decided to go to attend WVJC

I  had my fair share of random jobs. I worked as a waitress, with an airship, in retail, and even a small stint on an oil/gas well site. I have been happy with all my jobs but I needed to engage myself more. I had also just gotten married and I knew that it was time to start thinking more about the future for me and my wife.

Why did you choose WVJC?

The accelerated program was a big attraction for me. I’m 38 years old and anxious to start this new part of my life.  I knew it would challenge me but also it would ultimately allow me to graduate sooner and start my new career. When I met with admissions and was able to speak with Chasity about the program and the school the pieces just seemed to fit.

Why did you choose your program?

Nursing seemed to be the most natural choice for me. As cliche as it sounds, there is a sense of self-worth and being satiated in helping people. I could have done that in a lot of different jobs but nursing will let me use my head and my heart.  What better way to do it? I never thought it would be easy but I always knew it would be worth it!

What is your favorite part of attending WVJC?

Learning !!  I can’t say it enough. The learning process of becoming a nurse and learning new skills while becoming better at critical thinking makes me excited to come to class every day. I genuinely enjoy being engaged in the whole process. Having said that, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my classmates. I’m sure everyone thinks they have the best class or students in it but this experience wouldn’t be nearly as great without each and every personality in that class. They are the best!!

Who is your favorite teacher, or what is your favorite class and why?

I wouldn’t even begin to try and pick a favorite instructor. Everyone that I have had has all had their own special qualities that encourage the learning side in me. Class however, every semester I have a new favorite class. Nursing Care of the Client/ Medsurg, more specifically Gerontologic Nursing was my favorite so far. I especially love the lab and clinical portions. However, I am looking forward to starting Maternity and Pediatric Nursing this semester.

What is your ideal job after graduation? 

I can only say that the strongest pull is towards a hospital setting. When I first started school I thought I knew exactly what field or type of nursing I wanted to do but I have since allowed my thoughts on that to be a little more fluid. Everything I learn seems to pull my interest in another direction. Ultimately,  I think I will let that fluidity to keep playing itself out and reevaluate my thoughts on that once I get closer to graduation.

How would you like your life to be in five years?

In five years I see myself being more secure and confident in my career and life. I do plan to continue my education past this and my undergraduate. Ultimately, I want to be happy in my career which can only help me feel more fulfilled in my life.

Would you refer WVJC to a friend? Why?

I would recommend WVJC to friends. Everyone that you interacted with or even just pass by in the hall at school really do their part in making you feel welcome and included. I have never felt like a body in a seat at WVJC, rather a person with a name, and everyone knows it.

Lindsay Maxwell – Student Highlight

“I think that WVJC is a great program because the schedule accommodates students like myself, a mom, or others who have to work and raise a family. The classes are small, the instructors are great, and the terms are only 6 weeks. It is very fast-paced, but it’s doable if you try your best!”

One thing about many of the students at WVJC is that they are often not just students. Most work and have families in addition to attending school. When you add in the fact that Lindsay Maxwell is in WVJC’s Nursing program, that adds an extra layer of difficulty to the equation.

Lindsay’s path to WVJC started in 2019. She was looking to continue her education in the healthcare field while working as a scribe at a local hospital.  Working in this environment allowed her to see, first-hand, the work and care that a nurse provides in an emergency department. “I heard about WVJC and decided to apply after a coworker of mine started the Nursing program! It was appealing to me that this program was only 18 months, and it was based in the evenings! This worked the best with my schedule.”

Knowing that she wanted to further her education, and finding a program that fit her needs, she started the application process for the WVJC Nursing program.  Lindsay had post-secondary education experience, holding a bachelor’s degree in biology and an EMT certification through a local college. She is also the mom of a 3-year-old and engaged to be married. Therefore, finding a program that was short-term was important to her. “I chose the Nursing program because it was the fastest route to graduate compared to other nursing programs in the area.”

After successful completion of the application process and receiving acceptance into the program, Lindsay started school at WVJC. Her first impression was a positive one. Maxwell said, “Our classes are small, and full of non-traditional students like myself. I have made some great friendships during this. It’s nice to have other moms in the class that I can relate to while going through this program as well!”

WVJC prides itself on a family atmosphere and a WE CARE approach to education. One instructor has had a big impact on Lindsay’s success at WVJC.  “I would have to say my favorite teacher is Joanne Kozich! My favorite classes so far have been OB and Pediatrics, both of which Joanne taught! She is very knowledgeable and well-rounded as a nurse and instructor! Joanne is genuine, and I feel that she truly cares about all of us and our success!”

It is no surprise that Lindsay enjoyed the Obstetrics and Pediatric courses in the Nursing program. She was very moved by the Nurses that were involved during the birth of her daughter, and she ultimately hopes to work in that environment after graduation at a local hospital. She also hopes that her new career allows her and her husband to raise their family on or near a lake.

Lindsay Maxwell is a healthcare worker, a mom, a wife, and a nursing student in an accelerated nursing program. Lindsay works tirelessly to be successful in all phases of her life and the faculty and staff at WVJC cannot wait to see her success pay off and become a member of the WVJC family of graduates.

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WVJC Morgantown Nursing Graduation 2019

A few weeks ago, WVJC-Morgantown held our annual graduation for the April 2019 registered nursing class!  As with so many other things in this class, their graduation represented their strong personalities and their defining characteristics.  There were many tears shed, many joyous smiles, and above all, an amazing sense of accomplishment at having completed an accelerated Registered Nursing program in 18 months. One might think that in order to be successful in this fast-paced, intense program that you would need previous medical experience.  While it can make the program a bit more manageable, it is not a pre-requisite. In fact, WVJC’s graduating class was comprised of many different personalities and backgrounds. To give you an idea, here are a few of their stories.

We had a student who joined us from the coal fields. He was used to hard labor and long days. When he met with his admissions representative, he told her that he needed a career that could offer more stability for his family as he didn’t know how long the coal field would be there.  His years spent working long hours transitioned easily to WVJC’s accelerated nursing program.  It provided him the foundation he needed to be successful.

Another student came to WVJC as a 29-year-old who worked at a bank. Although she was successful in her field, she was feeling unfilled.  When she made the decision to follow her passion and change career paths, it was a challenging 18 months. She persevered and made the decision to make the decade of her 30’s the best ever.

Our students are a diverse group, ranging from LPN’s, to military veterans, to Starbuck’s Baristas. Although their backgrounds differ drastically, they all showed perseverance and dedication to their education.  We are proud to welcome our April 2019 Registered Nursing class into the medical field. We have high hopes and wish them the best of luck.