Sam Dobson – Staff Highlight

Meet Our New Orientation
Sam Dobson!

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Sam Dobson received his Bachelor of Science in Education from Concord University. Prior to joining the West Virginia Junior College family, he was a Music Teacher at Wyoming East High School for eight years. Sam has a passion for teaching and helping students progress through their education. He is thrilled about the opportunity to help students obtain their college degree and begin their career.

When asked why he chose to work at West Virginia Junior College, Sam said, “I appreciate and love the work that the school does in helping people change their lives.”

West Virginia Junior College strives to provide the best education we can to train people for careers that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Sam is now the orientation coordinator at WVJC Online, where he ensures the smooth transition from high school to college. The Coordinator provides personal and educational support so that students understand the next step in their application process and eventually become successful students at WVJC. This role is crucial because it allows us to provide direct support to each new student to alleviate the confusion and stress that can come with such a huge change in one’s life.

Sam’s favorite part of working for WVJC is the welcoming environment and coworkers who are excited about what they teach. WVJC prides itself on operating as a family. Each student and employee should feel as though they can approach anyone with a concern or question. This orientation allows us to provide the best quality of education to our students and support our employees.

Sam’s motivation comes from his family. “My family is one of my biggest motivators because there are high and low points, and we have always been there and carried through.” This family-oriented mindset is another reason why Sam was thrilled to come to West Virginia Junior College to start a career.

His long-term career goals are “to do the best job that I possibly can, for as long as I can, until I kick the can.” Some fun facts about Sam are that he loves to play video games (even though he is really bad), play trivia, and write music. If you ask him nicely, he’ll play music for you or even sing!

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