Pam Wilson – Faculty Highlight

Pam WilsonPam Wilson is the West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport Medical Director. She received her Practical Nursing education from United Technical Center and then received her BSN from Mountain State University in 2010.  Upon completing her education, Pam began her career as a nurse. She has experience in many medical forums such as Med-Surg, pediatrics, family medicine, OR, and hospice. However, Pam knew she wanted a career that would allow her to share her passion for nursing with others. That is how she ended up at WVJC.

Pam chose WVJC because she knew it would be a great experience to share her passion for nursing, as well as her experience in the field. She was excited to be able to help guide her students in the nursing field.  Pam stresses to all of her students the importance of “looking at each patient as a person with feelings and giving holistic care to the patients and their families.” Her favorite part of working at WVJC is, of course, her students. She is extremely dedicated to them and takes great pride in her work.

“They are such a blessing, and teach me things as well,” she says.  Pam especially enjoys working with her students at the clinical sites so she can see their passion for their work.

Pam finds her daily motivation in God. She says, “God called me to be a nurse in the 7th grade.  He truly motivates me every minute of every day.” A perfect day for Pam is doing some type of fun family activity with all of her children.  She says, “family is a treasure to me. They are my world.” She is proudest of her 5 kids who range in age from 16-22. Pam hopes to continue with her career at WVJC and continue to educate and direct students hoping to enter into the medical field.  She says “I hope to see hundreds of successful nurses graduate from our PN program and go out into the field giving excellent care to their patients.”

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