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class notes from notebookOk, you have made the decision… You have thought about it a long time, have had more conversations about it then you care to recall, and have made your choice. You have decided to become a Registered Nurse! Whoo deep breathe… now what? How do you start the process? Who do you need to talk with? What do you need to turn in? How is this going to affect my current job and family? All of these question are vitally important on the journey to becoming a Registered Nurse.

For most nursing programs there is one large hurdle- the dreaded TEAS test. We get it, standardize tests are scary. And let’s be honest, who really remembers how to find X ten years after high school? Not me. The right preparation for the TEAS test can ease your fears and turn this hurdle into a bearable bunny hop. For those that want to maximize their efforts, consider the TEAS Prep class from WVJC.

This online class is broken up into the three areas reflecting the TEAS test: Math, Science, English language/ Reading. Each section has online material to refresh your knowledge on the topic, quizzes to take, and an abundance of additional information on each subject if needed. All of that is fairly standard to any online class. In my opinion, there are two amazing part about this class from WVJC-Online. One, the teacher in charge of the class, Mrs. Pratt, and two, content remediation.

Let’s start with my favorite, Mrs. Pratt. Not quite sure how to solve for that pesky X in the math problem, send her a text, she will walk you through it! How about trying to figure out how many electrons an atom has…. she can sent you a slide show. Not only is she a personal tutor for the TEAS Prep class at WVJC, she is also your personal cheerleading section. We all know the difference a good, attentive and motivated teacher can have on your learning experience. Mrs. Pratt is not only there to help you learn the content, but also to help you discover the internal strength needed to pass the TEAS.

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Content remediation is my other stand-out pick for this online TEAS Prep class from WVJC. The idea is simple, if you cannot pass the quizzes at a B level, then you need more time on that subject. The remediation feature provides immediate feedback on your progress in that section. Once you review the remediation topic, you are taken back to the quiz and pick up where you left off; hopefully, with a better understanding.

To boil it down, we at WVJC-online know that it takes more than brains to be a good registered nurse; we also know registered nursing programs are crazy hard because of the amount of material covered. That is why the TEAS Prep class through WVJC-Online gives you the educational content you need to be successful, but also the motivational backing to make it through the TEAS test.

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