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If you have been following our online series, you are already aware that WVJC is currently highlighting each of our online degree programs to provide an understanding of each program in greater detail. If you have not read the first in this series, please click Here to read it. Now it is time to discuss the Legal Office Assisting Program (or LOA Program), so let’s dive into the LOA Program degree from WVJC-Online and review three key areas: 1) course structure; 2) possible limiting factors and expectations; and 3) employment opportunities.

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We will begin our journey by discussing some of the courses included in the curriculum for the LOA Program. The courses are comprised of supporting, general education and core courses. You will start your academic journey with Student Success Strategies and conclude at Legal Topics. The courses that are in between the beginning and end are filled with industry driven course objectives. Some of the courses include: Legal Office Assisting, Legal Research and Writing, Estates and Property Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, and Civil Trial Practice. Through these courses, students gain and expand knowledge on foundational legal concepts under the direction and facilitation of a qualified and experienced legal professional. The courses are structured with supplemental material, lectures, case studies, and partnered with high engagement and enthusiasm!

The second area we will discuss are possible limiting factors that could hinder success in the program. This is a topic that must be answered at least in part by you, the reader. A few of the primary limiting factors while participating in the degree program or securing employment after graduation include a dislike of research, reading and writing, your current geographic location and the need and demand for legal professionals in that area. Students in the LOA Program spend considerable time engaged in reading of a variety of materials, including but not limited to statutes and cases from the local court level all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. Not everyone is a proficient reader, nor does everyone enjoy detailed reading and recitation of complex legal issues. This is not just an academic requirement, but one in which nearly all legal professionals will spend their careers engaged in on an almost daily basis. Another limiting factor in the LOA Program concerns geographic location. If you live in a county or region with a limited need or establishment of legal professionals, then the availability upon graduating for job security maybe limited. If the willingness and ability to relocate is not in your long-term plan, then these limitations may prove problematic. These are all questions and factors you will discuss in the beginning of our admissions process. At WVJC, we want you to be successful in your academic and professional pursuits.

The final area we will discuss is the type of employment often found after graduating from the Legal Office Assisting program. The Legal Office Assisting degree from WVJC-Online provides a wide variety of topics that translate into a wide variety of different areas of the workforce. Options for careers are dependent on the individual graduate’s specific interests and local area demand. The career most individuals associate Legal Office Assisting with is working directly with an attorney in a legal office or law firm setting. This is one option available to graduates, however there are several other areas that the graduate may pursue, including but not limited to: 1) working for government organizations/agencies from the local to the federal level; 2) working “in-house” for a private business with a legal affairs department/division; 3) working in a bank or financial office assisting in the preparation of key legal documents involved in the purchase of real or personal property or in obtaining financing for personal or business use; and/or 4) working for an insurance company assisting in a range of different legal affairs. The Legal Office Assisting degree from WVJC-Online is a versatile degree that can take you many different directions. The key to your success lies with you. The dedication, persistence, communication and effort implemented by the student creates a successful recipe for both academic and employment. We are here to assist you in accomplishing your dream.

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