Mon Health System and WVJC Announce Collaborative Nursing Program

West Virginia Junior College Morgantown is excited to announce that it is partnering with Mon Health System to develop an innovative nursing program that will help address the nursing workforce shortage at Mon Health System and surrounding healthcare facilities. The program will be an accelerated 18-month program and will include tailored elements to hospital culture and procedures, a hybrid online delivery method, joint appointments for lab and clinical faculty, and scholarships tied to employment commitments upon graduation. This initiative of integrating WVJC’s School of Nursing with Mon Health System is the first step towards a broader workforce development partnership between the two organizations.

“I could not be happier to be announcing our first strategic hospital partnership with Mon Health System, an organization which we are so strongly aligned with culturally. Mon Health is rooted in family, just like West Virginia Junior College, which, this year, celebrates its 100th year anniversary and has been operated by a West Virginia family for three generations,” says Chad Callen, CEO of West Virginia Junior College. “This partnership deploys an innovative model where students never step foot in a school. Rather, all the learning occurs within the employer’s walls and digitally, allowing the students to more effectively manage both learning and life, simultaneously.”

West Virginia Junior College is committed to helping solve the nursing shortage crisis in West Virginia and, as of March 2022, has 11 nursing program locations across the state. Last year, WVJC launched a first of its kind rural nursing program which is accessible to residents of 19 rural counties across the state.

The WVJC School of Nursing with Mon Health is expected to start its first class in April 2023. For more information on this exciting program, request information here!