Medical Office Management Student Highlight – Keturah Frye

BRIDGEPORT, WV – Since she first called to ask questions about the school, West Virginia Junior College has just “felt right” to Medical Office Management student Keturah Frye.

“I could tell, right away, that this was the school for me,” she said.

Keturah said WVJC is approved by the Veteran’s Administration, so she was able to use her husband’s benefits to earn her degree, which she has been anticipating for “many years.”

Before enrolling into classes, Keturah was the evening shift trainer at a local telemarketing company, and now many of her former employees are classmates.

Family is Keturah’s first priority. Her husband is a disable United States Army veteran, she has four children (one of which is still in high school), three grandchildren and she helps to care for her mother.

“My family is very supportive and is happy to help around the house,” she said. “When I need to do homework, go to school early or stay late, they are ‘on board’ to do their share. I use the time management and organization skills I learned in my job to make everything happen when it needs to and I drink a LOT of coffee.”

Bridgeport Keturah Frye

School is a very close second priority. Keturah is active with the Medical Office Management Club, where she serves as vice president and liaison to incoming high school seniors, while she still maintains a 4.0 GPA.

Keturah’s goal is to be able to work from home so that she can care for her husband and mother as their needs increase, as well as spending time with her grandchildren. However, she said she is happy to consider working in a doctor’s office or hospital near her home.

Her family has also played a huge role in supporting Keturah’s choice to continue her education.

“My wonderful husband, he is always supportive and encourages me to do my very best,” she said. “My children for being enthusiastic about my education, and my parents for giving me a life-long love of learning. I think my daddy would be very proud of me.”

Along with her family’s support, Keturah has had a very positive experience with the WVJC staff.

“I could not have asked for a more positive learning environment or more encouraging faculty, staff and administration,” she said.

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