Medical Office Administration – Program Highlight

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Are you interested in working in a vital role in the healthcare system? WVJC Online is proud to offer an associate degree in Medical Office Administration (MOA) that highlights the importance of leaders within various medical fields outside of direct patient care. “This is our most versatile degree. This diverse program allows you to learn a little bit of everything that you will need to know to work in a medical office,” said Dr. Kacey Eagle, Allied Health Program Director.

MOA graduates are members of a medical team who ensure that healthcare facilities operate efficiently and smoothly. This role allows our students to impact people’s lives positively. Students will acquire the skills needed to work in settings such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and other healthcare facilities during this program. Throughout this program, students will learn vital skills such as basic coding, maintaining electronic health records, billing, scheduling appointments for patients, understanding medical terms, working with medical records, transcribing a doctor’s notes, and using computers and medical software to perform office tasks.

A key aspect of WVJC’s Medical Office Administration degree that sets graduates apart from other schools’ programs is the inclusion of medical billing and insurance programs. These skills will put graduates ahead of the curve when applying for jobs because these tasks are vital to an efficient and well-managed healthcare office. Additionally, the program will prepare you for certain certification exams that help to strengthen your appeal in the job market. Some of the certifications our students prepare for are the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant*, Certified Billing and Coding Specialist**, and Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist exams**.

In just 18 months, this program prepares our graduates to be career-ready!

Upon completing the program, there are many options for graduates to pursue. With this degree, graduates can go on to manage a doctor’s office, work with insurance companies, work at the admission desk of a hospital, or work as a doctor’s administrative assistant. These are just a few examples of potential jobs in a vast field of work that is constantly growing and changing. “A degree in Medical Office Administration allows you to thrive in the medical field without participating in direct patient care,” added Dr. Eagle.

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*Certification is contingent on passing the corresponding certification exam. Required/ Included in Tuition/Fees.

**Certification is contingent on passing the corresponding certification exam. Optional at own expense.