Medical Assisting Student Highlight – Alex Cullison

Alex Cullison

CHARLESTON, WV – Medical Assisting student Alex Cullison enrolled at West Virginia Junior College with medical experience not typical for the average student. While it is not expected from students of any program to have experience in their field of study prior to enrolling, Alex says that is what motivated him to attend WVJC.

Before beginning college Cullison joined the Racine Volunteer Fire Department, became an EMT and also worked his way up to become an assistant store manager at a gas station. He says having the emergency responder background motivated him to further his education in the medical field.

“I decided to attend WVJC to get more medical experience and see if I like working in the hospital setting or in the field more.”

Since enrolling at the Charleston campus, Cullison has become a mentor and leader to fellow students. After seeing a need for a student-based organization, he, along with fellow classmates formed Students for Students. The club was formed to assist fellow students at any capacity. The involvement of this club is based solely on what individual students need. Their activities range from tutoring classmates, being a listening ear for students who need to vent, serving as role models, helping students at vaccine clinics and even attending funerals of classmates or of family members of fellow classmates. This organization has blossomed and it all goes to show that one individual can make a big impact on their community.

Aside from Students for Students, Alex is an active student ambassador. He attends new student orientations to give insight on what new students have to look forward to in classes. Between holding positions on campus, being an emergency responder and holding down a full-time job, life for Alex is very busy. However busy his schedule, Alex has managed to maintain a 3.49 grade point average.

“My life is very time consuming right now. With going to classes, being on call as a firefighter/EMT, and working a full time job. It is difficult to get a good time schedule in order, but once you see where you are and what you have going on it soon falls into place as a regular rotation,” says Cullison. The key to achieving success is to keep one’s ultimate goals at the forefront. Alex knows where he is going and the hard work and determination it will take for him to reach his goals.

“My future plans are to go to our Morgantown campus and become an RN, then I plan on getting my paramedic license and do critical care on the ambulance. After working for a while I am going to go back to school and get my Doctorate and become a trauma surgeon then move to Florida.”

When asked what advice he would give to fellow students or student thinking about enrolling in the Medical Assisting program he said it best…in true Alex fashion, “To our current and future students. I am very proud of all of you for taking a step forward in furthering your education and your future. Stay involved in campus life and enjoy it, join clubs and be active. Don’t let anything stop you from your dreams. The sky is your limit.”

If you are interested in learning more about the medical programs offered at West Virginia Junior College Charleston, call 304.345.2820 today! Now enrolling for spring quarter!

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