Medical Assistant Graduate Highlight – Amber VanTassell

MORGANTOWN, WV – Since graduation, life has been bellies and babies for Amber VanTassell, an August 2012 graduate of the West Virginia Junior College Medical Assistant program.

Amber graduated August 10, 2012 and started working Sept. 10, 2012 as a Certified Medical Assistant for the West Virginia University Hospitals Cheat Lake Physicians OB-GYN. Amber began applying for jobs in her Career Preparation class in June 2012.

Morgantown - Amber VanTassell
Amber VanTassell

At the Cheat Lake POC, Amber checks in patients for their annual exams and prenatal care, hooks up the monitor to check the baby’s heart rate and mother’s contractions, assists the doctor with procedures, gives injections and draws blood whenever necessary.

With the support of her boyfriend, Amber decided to attend the WVJC to further her medical degree. At the time, she was a Certified Nursing Assistant. She said she worked in a nursing home setting, which wasn’t for her. In April 2011, Amber began working toward her Medical Assisting degree at WVJC. She said she liked volunteering at the WVJC’s bi-monthly blood drives.

“I also enjoyed the clinical classes, because they were hands on,” Amber said. “I was told that I had the most blood draws out of my class, and that made me want to strive for more. I had so many (students) asking me for help.”

Amber noted that through her time at WVJC, she made wonderful friends and will never forget them. She said she had wonderful teachers, too.

“One whom I really miss and who helped me out a lot is Dawn Bellotti,” Amber said.

Amber added that the Career Management Director Holly Hildreth pushed her to “put myself out there.”

“It was the right thing to do, and I have a wonderful job and work with wonderful people,” Amber said.

Amber’s favorite part of being a medical assistant is providing patient care.

“I get to do the pregnancy test; then hopefully, the patient stays with us throughout the pregnancy,” Amber said. “Then I get to see the baby at the six-week appointment.”

Amber said she decided to further her education because of her children, 8-year-old Logan and 5-year-old Angel.

“I love it, because they’re so excited about my job. Angel wants to see the ‘babies in the bellies’ and Logan thinks that if I work, I can buy him more toys,” Amber said. “Trying to juggle kids and work is very, very hard, but it has to be done.”

Amber will be visiting the West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown Campus, to speak to new students about what it takes to be successful at WVJC and to find employment post graduation.

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