Lela Odom – Student Highlight

Lela Odom – Dental Assisting Student Highlight

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Lela Odom started her journey at West Virginia Junior College right after graduating high school. Lela became a WVJC Dental Assisting student in June 2022. She knew that she wanted to choose a college close to home. In addition, she didn’t want a traditional four-year college, and she was seeking a program that was two years or less. Lela says she chose this because of the “fast-paced curriculum and small class size. She also appreciates the flexible schedule so that she can continue to work her part-time job.”

WVJC staff can already see that Lela is a “go-getter.” At such a young age, she balances many responsibilities and is determined to have a career she is passionate about. Lela’s favorite instructor so far is her Dental Coordinator, Mrs. Bowels. She enjoys her teaching style and ensuring everyone understands before moving on in the class.

When Lela is not in class, she enjoys spending time outside fishing with her family. They also enjoy relaxing with family movie nights. Lela spoke highly of her family and appreciates their support for her college and career goals. “Having family support helps in the journey of success.”

After graduating from WVJC, Lela plans to obtain employment in a dental office close to home. At this time, she is open to working at any dental office. She looks forward to her externship to get the feel for how a dental office operates daily. Lela says, “You control your dreams and actions, and if you have the drive to do it, you will do it.”

Lela recommends WVJC; she said, “The classes are small, and all the teachers are very friendly, so it makes it super easy to learn or ask questions. The courses go by fast in order to get your diploma/degree, but it’s worth it in the long run!”

We look forward to watching Lela learn and find a career that she is passionate about. Lela will be a valuable asset to a dental office.

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