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In the course of our daily lives, we all experience events that shape us.  These events could be the little things in life like a kind gesture from a stranger, or a rainbow after a storm.  However, sometimes the big events can shape us as well.  These events are life-altering and generally lead to a new perspective, a change in the way that we function day-to-day, or even the way that we see and experience the world around us.  Both events can be a catalyst for change.  At West Virginia Junior College, we consider it our purpose to empower that change and create opportunity for our students.

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One of the programs that we offer that could empower that change for you is our Legal Office Assisting Program.  So as you read this, we want to make sure you understand what it is to be Legal Office Assistant student, and ultimately, an employee in the legal field.  As someone who may be seeking change, there are three areas of consideration you should examine.  The first is employment opportunities that may exist within the field you are considering.  The second is how the course work is structured as that could influence your success.  Finally, you have to look at the factors that could influence your success positively or negatively.

First, let’s talk about employment opportunities.  Let’s face it…the law touches every aspect of our society! Therefore, the need for qualified, educated, and motivated legal professionals is broad and affords our graduates numerous professional opportunities.  Options for careers depend on the individual graduate’s specific interests and local area demand, but most graduates find themselves working directly with attorneys in a legal office/firm setting. This is one option available to graduates, but there are several other areas that can be pursued, including but not limited to working for government organizations/agencies from the local, state and federal levels, working “in-house” for a private business with a legal affairs department/division (corporations, non-profit organizations, hospitals, etc.), working in a bank or financial office assisting in the preparation of key legal documents involved in the purchase of real or personal property or in obtaining financing for personal or business use and working for an insurance company assisting in a range of different legal affairs such as claims management. The Legal Office Assisting degree from WVJC is a versatile degree that can take you many different directions.

Now that we know about employment opportunities that exist for legal assistants, let’s talk about course structure.  The courses are comprised of general education and core courses. You will start your academic journey with Student Success Strategies and conclude at a Legal Office Assisting externship. The courses that are in between the beginning and end are filled with industry driven course objectives. Some of the courses include Legal Office Assisting, Legal Research and Writing I and II, Estates and Property Law I and II, Criminal Law, Business Law, and Civil Trial Practice. Throughout these courses, students gain knowledge and expand their practical skills on foundational legal concepts under the direction of qualified and experienced legal professionals. The courses are structured with supplemental material, lectures, case studies, and partnered with high engagement!

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The final area to consider is more personal to your situation.  WVJC wants you to be successful.  To be successful in a field like Legal Office Assisting, there are a few things to consider. Students in the LOA Program spend substantial time engaged in reading a variety of materials, including but not limited to statutes and cases from the local level all the way up to the United States Supreme Court.  Not everyone is a proficient reader, nor does everyone enjoy detailed reading and analysis of complex legal issues. This is not merely an academic requirement, but one in which almost all legal professionals will spend their careers engaged in on a daily basis. If you are not into reading and critical analysis of what you are reading…the LOA Program is not likely the program for you.  At WVJC, we want you to be successful in your academic and professional pursuits, so these are all questions and factors you will discuss in the beginning of our admissions process.

So what shaped you?  Is Legal Office Assisting at WVJC a program that will empower change for you? If so, call us at 304-296-8282 or request more information HERE.

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