Jessica Polen – Admissions Representative

Jessica Polen - WVJC Online Admissions Representative
At WVJC, our admissions department works very hard to make sure each student is welcomed with a warm “hello”! Jessica Polen is one of the representatives responsible for that. She has been with us for close to a year now and has had the opportunity to work with many students. She enjoys getting to hear everyone’s story and hearing the excitement in their voices when they decide to finally start working toward their goal of a college education!

Like many students, after high school Jessica didn’t know what she wanted to do. She did know that she wasn’t ready to attend college at that time. At the age of twenty-one she made a big decision and moved to Florida! She spent five years running her own restaurant called “Joey’s Café”, all while going to school full time. While in Florida, Jessica earned an associate degree in education. Her plan was to switch careers and become a teacher, until she got a call from her sister one day. She found out that she was going to be an aunt! “I wanted to be very involved in my niece’s life, so I decided it was time to move back to PA”. Once she came back, she started working as a waitress, and decided that she wanted to continue her education yet again. She enrolled at California University of PA and earned her bachelor’s degree in Spanish. At CalU, she would meet her husband, and start a family of her own. Jessica currently lives in Washington, Pa with her husband and two children, Lucy, who is six, and Asa, who is two!

Advice she has for new students? “Know going into college that it isn’t easy. It is difficult. You will test yourself more than you thought possible, and then the college will. But also remember that you do have the strength and ambition to be successful. You just need to follow your heart”.

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