Current Nursing Student Highlight – Lindsay Bible

MORGANTOWN, WV – With over a decade of healthcare experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant, it was a West Virginia Junior College (WVJC) Nursing Program radio ad that finally convinced Lindsay Bible to take her first steps in becoming a Registered Nurse(RN).

She said she applied for the nursing program the day she heard the commercial and took the Nursing TEAS Test a month later. The TEAS Test evaluates a potential student’s essential academic skills.

“It was tough, because I had not been in school for awhile,” Lindsay said. “I definitely recommend preparing, purchasing the study book and doing the practice examples. That helped me a lot.”

With her family’s support, particularly her grandmother’s, Lindsay was accepted into the WVJC Nursing Program where in two years from her September 2011 start date, she will have earned her Associate’s Degree in Nursing and will have been prepared to take the RN Licensing Exam.

At the WVJC, learning begins in a classroom setting where students learn the necessary skills. Those skills are then applied in a lab where students practice on METI-Man a human-patient simulator that gives students a chance to practice their newly-acquired skills in a realistic setting. The lab is followed by clinical where nursing students visit local hospitals for eight hours on Saturday or Sunday.

While Lindsay thought she wanted to work in oncology, watching a live birth during a clinical changed the nursing student’s mind.

“I cried when I saw the first baby being born,” Lindsay said. “For the (patient) to let me experience that was really amazing to me. And the baby was really cute.”

Lindsay said she knew then that she wanted to work in a maternity ward.

“Once we did our maternity clinical, I was hooked,” she added.

Lindsay, a Pittsburgh native who moved to Morgantown five years ago, said the full-time work schedule, plus school and the weekend clinical have created a hectic schedule.

“It’s hard to balance friends, a relationship, school and work,” Lindsay said. “But everyone understands. I try to think positively, because in one year, I’ll be finished.”

She added that the WVJC’s instructors are, “amazing, really supportive and really helpful.”

Even though she spends nearly 12 hours a day in the medical setting, Lindsay still finds time to spend Thursday night watching ABC’s hospital drama “Grey’s Anatomy. “She said her favorite character is Christina, although Lindsay said the character nothing like her.

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