Clinical Medical Assistant – Program Highlight

Why Enroll in a Medical Assisting Program

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At WVJC, we prepare our students in the Clinical Medical Assistant program for various careers in the healthcare field. As of right now, there is an incredibly high demand for medical assistants in the field. If you are currently thinking about joining the program, now is the perfect time! There are endless choices when deciding what specialty you’d like to work for in the field! Each student gets to participate in the CRAs and Field Trips to see all the different places their degree can take them. Those opportunities don’t stop there! We have Hospital recruiters visit the campus as often as possible to also review the potential of the career you have chosen here! How awesome is it to have a recruiter come to you to discuss your medical career opportunities? These are all amazing ways to help jump-start your life and your career! But don’t take it from us; here is Alexis Brockleman’s, WVJC graduate and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Technician, take on her experience:

“I’ll start by saying I loved my time at WVJC and thoroughly enjoyed every class I have had. I took a special interest in phlebotomy right away, as soon as I started my labs. Although I did not choose any specialty that we got to see in CRAs or Field trips, I still greatly appreciate the opportunity to experience those things to help me make my decision. For example, I started my externship in a Cardiology office. This gave me a chance to see that it was not for me. I got the opportunity to experience another externship location after my time at the cardiology office, and it was a better fit for me. In the end, I found I was intrigued by Dermatology and phlebotomy! I look forward to my career in Dermatology going forward. I would highly recommend the WVJC Medical Assisting program and its instructors to anyone!”

Community Resource Assignment

The community resource assignment in one of the medical assisting courses is attending a casting lab. The field trip to the casting lab is usually done in week 5 of their last lab class. The students learn about casting, walkers, crutches, etc. They also get to go in and listen to the caster Daniel Pacnik talk about what it is he does at the WVU Medicine Orthopedics/Spine Center. He’ll show the students what he does for all the different casts, such as wrist, leg, elbow, and hand casts. During the last visit, Mr. Pacnik showed the students how to do a wrist and elbow/arm cast. He then asked if any of the medical assisting students wanted to give it a whirl, and Amber Poling and Alexis Brockleman had no trouble doing so! It was a very proud moment knowing I’ve taught them to take these leaps and try new things when offered! They completed it with absolute confidence, and they did amazing!

Our Field Trip

I wanted to do something fun to start off the Summer B Module. I came up with the idea of going to Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. I saw that they had a BodyWorks exhibit. The BodyWorks exhibit is brand-new, with interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and live shows. The medical assisting student could not wait to participate in the Body Works exhibit and put their anatomy skills to the test. The students identified all the tissues, organs, nerves, and bones. Some of them did bring their families, so they got to show off their skills to their loved ones! We also had some other people in the exhibit listening to them speak about it without any of my students knowing about it, which was a lot of fun to witness! It’s nice to see them enjoying the career they have made for themselves. Not to mention show their children some good examples!

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