Job Seeking

Resume and Cover Letter Tips

When writing a resume, it is important to include concise descriptions of previously held positions, as well as educational experience, and contact information. You want to make sure you know start and end dates for jobs and schools you’ve attended. If you are still attending a school or holding a certain position, input the date … Read more

How to Prepare for an Interview

Interviews are one of the most nerve-wracking situations an adult can go through. However, if you do your research, you will be prepared to take on any question and also come up with a few of your own to ask. When first researching a company, you want to visit their main website, as well as … Read more

Wesley McGee – Student Highlight

Wesley McGee began attending West Virginia Junior College freshly after high school. He is seeking an associate degree in Information Technology. He considered many careers paths in high school but none really fit what he wanted to do. Following his father’s advice, he enrolled in the IT program to give him a good starting point. … Read more

Career Services Highlight Featuring Selena Ramey!

My name is Selena Ramey and I am the Career Management Director here at the West Virginia Junior College Charleston campus. I have been fortunate enough to work here for the past 4 years and love getting to know the students! As the Career Management Director I work closely with our students from the beginning … Read more

Professionalism – Part 1

Professionalism is a key component to being successful in any work environment, but what exactly is it? In a nutshell, professionalism involves traits such as competence, reliability, honesty, integrity, respectfulness, compartmentalization, and positivity. Let’s break these traits down and evaluate what they mean in a professional capacity. What does it mean to be competent in … Read more

Kathryn Dean – Student Highlight

Kathryn Dean is enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant program. Prior to Kathryn attending WVJC, she worked full time as a certified CNA. Even though she enjoyed working as a CNA, Kathryn wanted a profession that would give her more home time and less physical stress. After discussing with her husband, Kathyrn knew it was … Read more

Dawn Riley – Student Highlight

Dawn Riley grew up in Lewis County and graduated from Lewis County High School in 2007.  She has always been interested in computers and could always make them work.  One day, her mom brought home a computer from Goodwill and handed it to Dawn and said, “If you can make this work, it’s yours.”  Dawn … Read more

WVJC Charleston Career Fair

What was the event? West Virginia Junior College hosted a Career Fair with about 30 employers in attendance. This is an annual event that we look forward to every year. When was the event? The event was held at the WVJC Charleston and Morgantown campuses on July 20th. Why did you choose to host this … Read more